Monday, 9 March 2015

ASUS hope against hope soon accede to you add a xenon fly to its phones

Remember the competent old days whilst phones came with a powerful xenon fly as a substitute of truthful LEDs? Well, thankfulness to ASUS, you'll soon cover the option to add single to an machine phone -- otherwise by the side of smallest amount to an ASUS single, anyway. The ZenFlash came to us for example a take the wind out of your sails pronouncement by the side of today's ZenFone 2 launch happening Taiwan: It's a xenon fly dongle with the intention of connects via USB OTG, and you can stick it on the back of your phone on behalf of with the intention of "400 times" stronger fly. Alas, it's still the first part of days so there's thumbs down more element on this device. Thumbs down value, thumbs down go out with and thumbs down confirmation on whether the ZenFlash hope against hope production on non-ASUS machine phones.

The flash take the wind out of your sails of the calendar day was the circular LolliFlash, which is in essence a simple dual-tone LED torch (with its own battery) with the intention of can be present open on the earphone jack of slightly phone. Unlike Lenovo's version, there's thumbs down announcement relating the LolliFlash and its host; you simply leave the light otherwise illumination on earlier than you take a shot -- especially a selfie. It'll even reach with a stubborn of three color filters -- red, yellow and blue -- with the intention of multiply by two for example caring covers, but we imagine a large amount users hope against hope truthful leave them by the side of homespun. Again, ASUS has yet to announce mercantile availability, but we can't imagine this regular device can cause much hurt to one's wallet.

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