Friday, 30 July 2010

Three controversial for using laptop battery

From the dealer on the notebook, laptop battery engineers and books in the gamers, then, you sure know how to deal with their own battery of books. Statistics show that the activation of a new battery factory work has been completed, the new notebook's battery power with a little natural wear and tear in order to avoid harm to the batteries do not have to listen to those dealers said "through 10 hours over time activation "of speaking.

The lithium battery life of notebook computers is limited, usually after 300 to 500 re-charge, they do not go in fully. Therefore, in accordance with our current data in hand can be seen, in order to maintain the battery's "maximum life" or try to run out of rechargeable electric. However, Xiao Bian to remind us that we buy a notebook is to use is to make it into their work, study arms, all day care to care to go this way, do not you took the trouble?

For the third debate, our view is: use an external power supply, do not unplug the laptop battery. From the perspective of lithium batteries, rechargeable lithium-ion laptop batteries have a certain number of restrictions, so take it from the notebook down, or can extend the service life of these laptop batteries. But this approach to the laptop itself very dangerous, if a sudden power outages, and other reasons will be because of the current impact on the notebook itself. As some large companies, in this context was pretty good, such as ThinkPad, it built a special battery protection technology, only less than 95% of battery power when it is charging.

Third, the charge Note: usually used when the laptop batteries is discharged to 10% can be charged, not to discharge to 0% every time when it is charging. Normally off 2-3 hours 4-5 hours to full battery boot. IBM's notebook will be charged 95% or less, COMPAQ laptop in about 90% will be charged, it is designed to avoid the repeated charge and discharge the laptop batteries damage. Please conduct a depth of discharge within a month, is about 5% of discharge to shut down the machine when the re-charge "Note: Do not let the battery completely finished, is done and the battery inside the battery power may lead to scrapped off." Usually do not need to specifically use the laptop remove the laptop battery, if not use a notebook for a long time, please charge the battery to 50% of the store.

Summer or winter, the air-conditioned room with a notebook inside out when the best off, from indoor to outdoor, temperature contrast too prone to moisture, do not immediately start, remember it later and then turn the notebook is very vulnerable to short-circuit. Do not go out with a machine set to standby or hibernate the machine is better off. Do not put naked lap notebook, high temperature increases the temperature of the bottom of the laptop batteries easy to burn the skin. Please note that your drink bottle location, not on the machine next to it is easy to knock over, Kuang He drinks when thirsty careful not to slip into the liquid drip onto the keyboard. Summer lightning storm come and go quickly, please pay attention to your table in front of the window, so that rain soaked the machine, if machine water or liquids, please refer to section 2. The best time of lightning off, unplug the network cable, telephone lines and power lines, to avoid lightning breakdown notebook.

Thursday, 29 July 2010

The new Twitter API: third-party clients to receive messages in real time

July 29, according to foreign media reports, Twitter launched a new API: Streaming API (application programming interface information flow), allowing third-party call real-time data, the third-party client display real-time Twitter messages. Both the current TweetDeck and Echofon Desktop client had been using the API.

Twitter application developers Taylor Singletary said, Twitter has begun on the Streaming API function (also known as "user information flow") for small-scale tests. Xingeleta in that not all of the desktop client can participate in Streaming API test and call its Fujitsu laptop battery, the test will gradually expand to all applications, then Twitter will be open to other applications Streaming API.

Chirp in April of this year's Developers Conference, Twitter raised Streaming API. Also, Twitter has begun testing by Streaming API Twitter Annotations (Twitter comment) function.

Streaming API allows third-party client access to continuous real-time information Twitter. At the same time, this feature is also very important in terms of Twitter. Xingeleta Li said, Streaming API function to add other Twitter API, to reduce the pressure on other API.

Twitter said, Streaming API testing is scheduled to open the third quarter 2010 or fourth quarter. In addition Xingeleta also revealed that a large number of users need to deal with the flow of information application developers to pay attention to a product called Samsung laptop battery Streams, the Streaming API-based products coming soon.

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Sunday, 11 July 2010

World Cup winner- Spain!

The players considered the strongest in the history of Spain, is destined to make history. In 2008, Spain 44 years later won another European Cup, can only be a small test chopper. Two years later, the Spanish team won the first-ever World Cup trophy. Meanwhile, the Army has become a bullfighter, following Uruguay, Italy, Germany, Brazil, England, Argentina and France, World Cup history, the first eight championship teams, the Netherlands played a tragic role of the king of Sanya.

Spain's success stems from its philosophy of continuously adhere to. In the first round group stage after losing to Switzerland, Spain, a crusade against domestic Bosque sound, because after the World Cup history, has never been in the group stage after losing the final to win the first round of the team. Today in the supremacy of utilitarian philosophy, Bosque and his disciples are still mainly adhere to take the initiative to attack the football philosophy, and ultimately to achieve and eventually won six straight. 1982, 1990 and 1994, West Germany, Argentina and Italy are in the group stage after losing the first round of the finals, but all missed the World Cup. 2010, Spain had to write their own myth.

World Cup effect is powerful in the European Cup, directly from the strong South American despots to join. Although the European champions in Europa king, but few can win the next World Cup. The last time Glenealy European Cup, two World Cup glory, but also dates back 36 years ago, West Germany. 1972 West Germany became the European Cup, two years after the German Army has won the World Cup on home soil. Spain became the first 36 years in the European Cup and World Cup, "even the village," the team, but also a history in Europe outside Europe to win the World Cup team. Compared to 1974, have home advantage in Germany, Spain, higher gold content in a more convincing victory.

In addition to breaking the curse of the three, Spain was also in this final series of hit records. 7, 8-ball field, Spain is the history of the lowest scoring World Cup champion team, but also the second branch in 90 minutes played to a 0 to 0 after the team won the last one was 94 years in Brazil, then samba Corps in the penalty shootout victory over Italy. England in 1966 after 44 years, Spain became the first team to win wearing Jersey. Harvey became a technical statistics since 1966, in a single World Cup players in the most number of passes, passing a total of 599 ventilator times, averaging a staggering number of passes 85.57 times. Now, is not to re-evaluate the historical status of the Spanish Zhezhi time out?