Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Apple's market value is over Google's Inspiration

August 13, Apple's market cap for the first time beyond the search giant Google has become Silicon Valley's most valuable technology company. This Apple is a milestone for the economy also has symbolic significance.

The words too literally, Google is a "song", Apple is a "fruit", songs to listen to get touched, fruit is a kind, just can be used to symbolize the two companies represented by the virtual economy and real economy.
Google Zhuda search engine, the product is basically all virtual, only the hardware is to protect its search technology equipments. Apple's products are software also has the hardware, leading products are leading the fashion of computers and handheld devices.

The more virtual, the more boundless imagination. Google since turned out to since the triumph, although China lost to Baidu, in some small language area lost in the local search engine, but can not stop Google as Silicon Valley, the king of next-generation Internet company representatives. Google to search for the origin of big expansion of territory, even Microsoft is a big headache.

Apple from the iMac computer to the iPod music player and iPhone, for the people in the world sought after hardware. Apple's fanatical "fans" for the first time to buy new products, through the night waiting in line the store opened, is not news. But contrast, hardware imagination on out on that. Is that for example, fruit eating gone, do not eat will rot, but a beautiful song can be from generation to generation, can be variations, you can fill in new words. Therefore, investors on Google looking for more.

Apple and Google's results are not bad, the market reversed, reflecting the economic climate and temperature change. As Wall Street analysts said the key issue is expected. Google's revenue mainly from advertising, this revenue model determines it is still a worldly air about her. Fear of the economic slowdown will online advertising impact of Google shareholders on the future expected to slightly worse. Another reason also affect shareholders a sense of security: Google ostentatious used to, and frequently extravagant to buy. When rapid economic growth, have money and spend more is not a problem, economic recession, investors want to see the money in a pocket just practical. Apple sale of every one iPhone, shareholders would like to hear your purse in "when" bang fell into to a coin, that enrich the feeling of how wonderful!

On an Internet bubble that the economic downturn, investors will collectively suffer from imagination lack of disease.

However, in turn, think about a sweet fruit is not living necessities, could afford to eat fruits have already gone beyond the subsistence line. iPod and the iPhone is just "cool" a little pretty thing, you can sell so expensive, can sell that much. One is willing to design pay a higher price huge consumer groups exist, the economic cold bad.

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Sunday, 28 March 2010

Microsoft CEO Ballmer: we will go beyond Google one day

March 3 morning news, according to foreign media reports, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer (Steve Ballmer) Tuesday in the "search marketing event," said Google is currently leading in the search engine market is due to "first do the right thing "and that a few years or ten years, will become the United States should be the first search engine.

For the Bi-Ying (Bing) whether it could become the first U.S. search engine problems, Ballmer said: "For this issue was not a very good answer. If so, then appeared to be very arrogant; if not, it sounds like Microsoft be satisfied with second place. but no one wants to always be second, so the answer is 'yes'. "

Ballmer also said Microsoft has not set a timetable to achieve this goal, it is possible to do in the next few years, there may be 10 years to achieve. Ballmer said that Microsoft is focused on enhancing the current search relevance to other countries to expand their business and continue to promote must be. Since the launch in June last year, will be in the United States market share continued to rise, ranging from 8.4% to 11.3% this year, in January.

Ballmer also said: "We are definitely a tendency to be family. I want my kids 30,40,50 years later, still in use will be." However, Microsoft will be in improving market share, there is still a very long way to go. The partnership with Yahoo will be overnight from the U.S. market share of about 10% to about 30%.

According to comScore data, Google in January in the U.S. search engine market share as high as 65%. Ballmer said: "Google first thing they do the right thing, which allowed them to benefit in the search engine market. But we started too late."

Ballmer will be right in the past 8 months satisfied with the performance. In addition, Microsoft has found more than expected, the use of mobile phone users will be searching. Microsoft launched in December last year, iPhone (mobile Internet) version will be application, Ballmer said that this will be brought to a "commercially competitive" of the search volume.

Ballmer said: "The biggest opportunity is to help people do what they need to do. This is a marketing activity, which in fact is true." Ballmer acknowledged, however, will be needed to better understand the user's search intentions, a better understanding of data structures. For example, users should be able to get by searching the list of information they want.

Ballmer believes that in comparison with the 90's, the user through the search engines to find information there are still difficulties. He said: "You can find all the blue links. I hope that they can integrate the search engines available to me."

Ballmer speech at this meeting, the other main elements include:

- With regard will be co-operation with Twitter's real-time search, Ballmer said: "We need this cooperation. But we still do not know whether it required the acquisition of Twitter." Ballmer saying that Microsoft is still possible to buy Twitter.

- Ballmer has a secret Twitter account, but he said he prefers to read Twitter messages, rather than the dissemination of information. He had been released by Twitter score of his son's high school basketball.

- Ballmer said that he regularly participates in meetings over the weekend, his main use of smart phones in the car.

- Ballmer asked to join the team will be the last one is the Buddha Island Lime specific information to send the recipe. Ballmer said that will be for the team, he preferred to provide "constructive criticism rather than praised."

- Ballmer favorite service is the use of Silverlight will be a must to be maps.

- Search will be returned to the current project did not meet Microsoft's expectations. Ballmer said: "The search is now back to very interesting, but not potential. Search return is not yet change the industry's economic structure."

- Although the first Windows Phone 7 phone does not support Flash, but this is the next direction. Ballmer said the industry should take measures to make the Flash, and Silverlight-compatible applications and smart phones.

-Windows Phone 7 has been optimized for HTML5. Ballmer said: "HTML5 is the application." In other words, HTML5 is just a way of developing applications.

- Ballmer said: "We feel a great Windows Phone pressure of time."


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Saturday, 27 March 2010

Russian search engine Yandex launched customized version of Google Chrome


March 27, according to foreign media reports, Russia's local search engine Yandex has launched a customized version of the Google Chrome browser, which browser is based upon Google Chromium open source project HP laptop batteries.

It is learned that the paragraph as the default browser, the Yandex search engine, Yandex Web portal will be set to home, and added the bookmark Yandex e-mail, network maps, shopping, Dell laptop batteries and other services.

Yandex is Russia's first search engine market, the introduction of time in 1997, has become the leading Russian search market, market share is much higher than Google, Microsoft and Yahoo's share in the country. According to traffic monitoring bodies LiveInternet.ru statistics Universal Battery Charger, Yandex's market share as high as 58%. Despite the end of last year to replace the Google Yandex, as Russia's largest portal Mail.ru default search engine and online advertising providers, but the Google search market share in Russia, only 23%, far behind Yandex.

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Friday, 26 March 2010

Easy PC Booster ASUS

Breaking News:

Taiwan media reports, according to IDC data show that, by virtue of easy to strong sales of PC, ASUS beyond the first quarter of this year, Fujitsu and Apple, as the world's sixth-largest notebook maker.

IDC data show that in the first quarter of this year, Asustek's notebook shipments of 1.4 million, market share, the eighth highest in the world.

However, if the plus 70 million units, easy PC sales, then the Asus, Fujitsu and Apple will go beyond to become the world's sixth-largest notebook maker, followed, after Lenovo.

According to the original plan, Asustek is expected before the end of the world's sixth-largest notebook maker. October 16 last year, Asus introduced the first low-cost Linux-based notebook computer "EeePC", the minimum price of 199 U.S. dollars.

This year, Asustek is expected to easily PC shipments will reach 5 million. By then, easy PC will exceed the motherboard business, as Asustek's second-largest source of revenue.

Looking to the future, Asustek plans to develop in the next six years, as the world's three largest notebook maker.

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