Monday, 27 September 2010

"Wall Street Journal" announce the Technology Innovation Award

news on Sept. 27 , The Wall Street announced Journal Technology Innovation Award, here is the details:

Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

Won the Bronze Award for Technology Innovation of the Counsyl Inc. Received the highest award in this category.

Network / Internet Technology / Broadband

New Jersey Vidyo Inc. Its network through the Internet or mobile phone technology to achieve high-quality video conferencing in this category received the highest award, the cost of using the technology than the special "telepresence" system is much lower.

Network Security

Internet is full of malicious software, viruses, spyware and Trojan viruses. California, Symantec Corporation (Symantec Corp.) In order to prevent these threats of the new type of network security technology has won the highest award, the "reputation-based" technology, on the use of millions of computers to study ways to find out the traditional security Products are usually left out of danger.

Physical security

A large number of surveillance cameras to record images, but unfortunately we do not have enough time and manpower throughout the monitoring.

The highest award category winners Israel BriefCam Ltd. this developed a new solution: Video Synopsis (video outline) the camera to capture all images order to help the viewer in a few minutes Quick View of the day in a useful video information.

Monday, 20 September 2010

Google intends to get 20% commission from third-party application vendors

September 21, according to foreign media, in the next few months, Google "application market," the third-party application developers will lose the application can be fully charged sales pie. Google "application market" has been nearly 6 months, and has been declared plans to independent third-party application developers to a 20% commission, but so far the required billing system API (application program interface) not ready. However, Google recently announced the fourth quarter in 2010 to the U.S. launch of third-party applications providers based on the "Google Checkout" e-payment system API, and then gradually the payment system to the external Toshiba PA3733U-1BRS battery market. Google API in the three months after launch, third-party application vendors will have to start the application required to pay sales commissions to pay.

SlideRocket Ditelixi CEO Charles (Chuck Dietrich) declared, "Google Checkout" need to adapt to "software as a service (SaaS)" to sell their cloud-based service applications in different ways. In view of third-party program providers in product packaging, price, and service charges on different billing systems integration is an extremely difficult task. For example, the application provider may choose a one-time charges, monthly subscriptions, and annual Toshiba PA3733U-1BRS battery subscriptions, etc., and the application is also divided into two types based on the use and user-based model.

Google claims that its collection of third-party applications vendors 20% of the commission for the application the hands of suppliers from charging customers for 20% of all costs. For example, if customers and application vendors start ordering for the free trial version, then upgrade to paid version, upgrade to the paid version from the customer the moment, Toshiba PA3733U-1BAS battery applications, suppliers are required to pay Google a commission. After that, the client application to use each one to pay the cost, Google Inc. will charge a commission.

Treacy declared: "I hope and believe that Google's billing system vendor to resolve the application of this problem, if this problem is not resolved, then the application providers have billing systems in accordance with the requirements of Toshiba PA3733U-1BAS battery product packaging, pricing, and to make limited sales. "

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Monday, 13 September 2010

Reported that Facebook gradually became an important source of online video

According to foreign media reports, the United States and the United States, online video platform Brightcove online video analysis and advertising platform TubeMogul Monday jointly issued by the second quarter of 2010, "Web video and media industry quarterly report" shows, Facebook has become a major force in online video, and is expected to surpass Yahoo in the year to become the second largest source of online video laptop battery recommendation.

The report is nearly 2,000 news and entertainment sites in paragraph 3.4 billion video streams for the sample video on the Web mining, use and interaction data were studied.

The following main contents for the report:

Media consumption of online video sites increased, the Gulf of Mexico oil spill newspaper websites increased video traffic.

- Major media industry consumption of online video sites are increased significantly. The second quarter of this year, the average monthly increase of 2.8% independent audience, and over the same month the previous quarter, grew 11%.

- During this period, the newspaper Web site's video consumption over the previous quarter surge by 65%, mainly from the Gulf of Mexico oil spill caused concern.

Mining channel network video transfer, Facebook became a major force in online video.

- Facebook and Twitter on the recommendation of online video traffic grew faster than traditional search engines. At the current rate calculation, Facebook year will surpass Yahoo as the second largest after Google Video recommendation source.

Interaction not only in traffic sources, also in the watch video site.

- Facebook and Twitter will not only bring the audience, but also for the television network of video and music entertainment site the highest interactivity.

- Users in the official media website of each piece of video viewing than the average duration of synchronized video content publishing laptop battery sites.

Brand advertisers will increase the online video and mobile investments.

This quarter's report also includes a brand marketing and online video of the special Forum. Through the investigation of global brand management and marketing and data analysis platform for e-commerce sites, reached the following conclusions:

- Nearly 60% of respondents said they plan to in the next 12 months, increase investment in online video.

- More than 65% of brand managers said that their online video project's main objective is awareness, followed by the consumer survey (21%) and e-commerce (12%).

- 70% of respondents said they planned in the next 12 months, the planned increase in online video marketing.

- Found that marketing through Facebook and Twitter users watch video longest video (1 hour and 24 minutes respectively, and 1 hours, 18 minutes), while display advertising from Yahoo and watch the shortest time users, are 52 minutes.

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Kindle contrast iPad

September 6, according to foreign media reports, the current e-book reader market is smoke everywhere, the prices of products compared to the previous sections have also been more easily accepted by laptop batteries consumers, readers can find books more than ever to . In the face of Kindle, Nook, iPad other products How do we choose? The following lists a few notes for the reader to consider.

1. Pricing

In terms of price, Amazon Kindle, and Barnes & Noble Nook these two laptop batteries products, the latest version of the prices of 139 dollars and 149 U.S. dollars, while the iPad priced at 499 U.S. dollars (16GB, Wi-Fi) and 829 U.S. dollars (64GB, Wi- Fi plus 3G).

2. Fuselage the size of the screen and the weight factor

Kindle DX with the iPad has a 9.7 inch large screen, the weight was 1.2 pounds and 1.5 pounds.

3. Tectonic --- electronic ink screen or LCD display

Nook, Kindle are using electronic ink in black and white screen, while the iPad is the LCD screen

In addition, comprehensive consideration of the online e-book reader laptop batteries functions, portable storage function and factors such as e-book format standards, we will recommend the third generation of the Kindle as the first table, which features more in line with most of the e-book readers. Followed by the Nook. The iPad is more suitable for readers who want to e-book readers have more computer functions.

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Thursday, 2 September 2010

3Par investors made a fortune

September 3 morning news, HP Laptop batteries and Dell Laptop batteries bid 3Par, the final transaction price as high as 2.1 billion U.S. dollars, which for 3Par insiders and investors, is a windfall.

According to "The Wall Street Journal" reports, a total of 800 million U.S. dollars divided by three venture companies: Mayfield Fund (Mayfield Fund), Menlo Venture Capital (Menlo Ventures) and world science and technology partner (Worldview Technology Partners), these three institutions is 3Par of largest shareholder, which together occupy 3Par 38% of the shares.

About 100 million U.S. dollars will flow 3Par CEO David Scott (David Scott) pocket, relatively speaking, 100 million U.S. dollars less than the three major institutional investors much.

In 2001, Scott left HP Laptop batteries to become 3Par CEO, to June 30 only has 290 million shares, 4.6% of total share capital, if the total by 33 dollars per share, worth 95.7 million U.S. dollars.

3Par a founder Jeffrey Price, 3Par of P is to represent him occupies 2% of the shares, worth 41.4 million U.S. dollars. The second founder Exiaokexin Bengal (AAshok Singhal) to June 3 only has 57 million shares, worth 18.8 million U.S. dollars.

Price and Xinjia Er was the SUN engineers, founded after the 3Par, they will remain with the company, jointly held CTO positions.

3Par third founder, Robert Rogers (Robert Rogers) left the company in 2001, Scott took over the CEO position was, 3Par refused to disclose how many shares the name of the founder.

Some outside investors made a fortune. Fidelity Research & Management mutual fund to June 30 only holds a 12.2% stake in the value of these shares have reached 252 million U.S. dollars.

3Par established in 1999, 2004, when the capital had a big change. November 16, 2007 3Par publicly traded, the stock 14 dollars per share, but shares soon plunged, HP Laptop batteries and Dell Laptop batteries in less than 10 U.S. dollars before bidding.

Over the past few years, Mayfield Fund (Mayfield Fund), Menlo Venture Capital (Menlo Ventures) and world science and technology partner (Worldview Technology Partners), the three investment companies invested a total of 183 million U.S. dollars. Market, these companies do not throw away the stock.

HP Laptop batteries's bid 33 U.S. dollars per share after the acquisition, Menlo venture will be 309.3 million U.S. dollars, Mayfield Fund, was 204.6 million U.S. dollars, and the world science and technology partner was 276.6 million U.S. dollars. A month ago, they held shares worth 231 million U.S. dollars, however, now turn to the 790.5 million U.S. dollars.

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