Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Jobs: iPhone does not track any information

April 26 news for the recently exposed the "iPhone mobile phone tracking user location information," the news, Apple CEO Steve Jobs (Steve Jobs) said on Monday, iPhone does not track user information, but is based on Google Motorola's Android system, Droid, track user information.

Last week there were reports that two programmers Arras on behalf of the Er Yilun (Alasdair Allan) and Peter Walton (Pete Warden) recently discovered that Apple secretly tracking iPhone 4 and the 3G version of iPad user's location information, and with timestamp. This behavior is completely in the background IBM laptop battery Lenovo laptop battery Lg laptop battery,, so no knowledge of the user, this may be Apple's by far the most serious privacy violations.

Then, there are iPhone users by e-mail sent a letter to Steve Jobs, hoping to explain this. The response was Steve Jobs, iPhone does not track user information, the relevant report is false.

The following questions and answers for both sides:

Q: Steve, can explain the iPhone, built-in location tracking tools you need? When I know all my iPhone to record location information, I am very frustrated. Motorola Droid tracking my information before I switch Droid, you may want to say?

Jobs: No, they (Note: Droid) but to do so (Note: tracking user information). We do not track any person, the current spread of the information is false. (Sent from iPhone)

As always, Steve Jobs's reply is very simple, almost did not provide details or relevant information to support his point of view. Insiders said that this vague but left more room for interpretation

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Monday, 18 April 2011

Android operating system requires its own wall of protection

April 19, according to foreign media reports, Android platform can be described as bruised, it is because of its open and not be assisted by the platform, but on the platform and causing injury. From the operators do not update their mobile phone platform earlier this year took place "DroidDream" nightmare, Google seems to need to strengthen the monitoring of the platform, rather than take stocking-style management.

1, enhanced uniformity and standardization.

Contain a wide range of software covering each other, will cause the phone to run slow, or even delete the standard Android platform features a number of free, or charge entry into these functions. Android platform, the user may have found this problem, download some software or games there is always an additional demonstration program, these applications unless otherwise format the phone can not be deleted. Perhaps these programs show what can be interesting to the user software for Android, Related Sony VGP-BPS8 battery, Sony VGP-BPL8 battery, Sony VGP-BPS9 battery. but if users do not need these applications, please enable users to uninstall it. Google needs for its manufacturers and operators to adopt strict rules to ensure that they will not belittle the changes brought about by the operating system Android platform.

2, continuously updated

Google, do not rely on the mobile phone operators to wirelessly updated. From now on, should be to publish and update the Google Android. Updating in the system, operators and manufacturers are not reassuring. If the millions of Google's Android critics want to shut up, then to carry out their own wireless updates.

3, cleaning Android Market

DroidDream nightmare must have been exposed to Google's management. Android Market regularly to be able to clean up clean up a large proportion of non-performing applications, but also to the small developers to keep a bit of space. Also Google should be clear to developers who want to upload the program is responsible for, and promptly remove some suspicious applications.

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Thursday, 7 April 2011

Nokia releases new Symbian smartphone

Nokia has already issued invitations to the media in London, is scheduled for April 12th month issued Symbian smartphones.

Then INQURER To contact Finland's Nokia, but it was a time when the 17 o'clock, so there is no contact. The UK is responsible for the media department, said the internal self-management conference by Nokia.

Nokia's invitation reads: "Find a new bright spot Symbian smartphones. "

Last December, Nokia has promised to the first half of next year, Symbian will only upgrade 4-5 times. Nokia open source director Acer AS07B31 battery, Sony VGP-BPS10 battery, Fujitsu FPCBP160AP battery Gunther Kottzieper speech in Beijing, also said the upgrade will be more than 50 functions are enhanced.

Industry analysts said the new Symbian user interface will be the introduction of new, more flexible home page, can be upgraded to support HTML5 browsers, better software upgrade experience, these upgrades are expected to be 2-3 quarter. In addition, the expected fourth quarter of this year will also introduce a real zoom camera, dual core 1G smartphone. But these forecasts have not been confirmed by Nokia.

It is worth mentioning that the April 12 conference held in London, HTC will.

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