Thursday, 25 November 2010

With Windows Phone with car

Windows Phone

A few months ago, Paul had written a Windows Phone Bluetooth technical details, after that, he took a variety of popular Windows Phone in the car to do a test - would like to know this latest smart phone with the car with the degree of how.

USB: Windows Phone have so far do not have the USB output audio and image features. But convinced that Microsoft has begun the internal testing of the function. Internal test results are "very unstable." Microsoft does not know when this feature will open to the general user, but was told that Paul "faster faster."

In fact, Windows Phone 7 predecessors have achieved Zune USB output, the Zune plugged into the dedicated cradle, you can enjoy the same with the iPod the sound and image output.

Line-in: There is no suspense, with an audio cable connected to the car to Windows Phone Line-in interface, can be the perfect job. Paul Chevrolet in 2011 and 2011 Volkswagen Jetta Sportswagen TDI to do the test, there is no suspense.

Bluetooth Music: Windows Phone can play music via Bluetooth, the Bluetooth standard with a lot of cars. Chevrolet appeared in some disruption, but in the mass on the very clear and smooth. When a call when the music will automatically pause.

Hands-free phone and address book: as shown above, call the car in which the two can work properly. When the car with a Bluetooth connection, it will automatically sync contacts. Moreover, it also accepts voice commands hands-free mode (such as "Call Steph"). Undoubtedly, this function will enhance the safety of motorists. Volkswagen cars in the center console, you can see the phone signal strength, carrier and battery information, great.

With Windows Phone with car

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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Apple announced that iTunes will sell Beatles songs

"Beatles for Sale" end up in iTunes, but also includes other Beatles albums, from "Please Please Me" to "Revolver" and then "Abbey Road".

Beatles songs have been iTunes and other online music services, sales of dreams. On Tuesday, Apple (Apple Inc) announced that in and the Beatles record company EMI and its economy companies Apple (Apple Corp) after an agreement, iTunes online music store will begin selling songs and albums to download the Beatles

Apple will sell 13 re-recorded Beatles album, "Past Master" two suits and the classic "red" and "Blue" series. Fans can be the first $ 1.29 each, or $ 12.99 an album, $ 19.99 the price of two albums to download songs.

Apple also sells a special version of the same suit, including the download 41 minutes long when the Beatles first U.S. concert "Live at the Washington Coliseum, 1964", priced at $ 149.

Apple has refused to sell Beatles music online, it is because in the Apple (Apple Inc) and Apple (Apple Corp) has always existed between the trademark dispute. In 2007, the dispute because the Apple (Apple Inc) the Apple logo and the name has been resolved with the use of a lot of people think that this is the ultimate online sales to pave the way for the Beatles music.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs • use some "pun" to celebrate the iTunes to start selling Beatles songs.

"Reached this step is a long and winding road," Jobs said referring to the Beatles 1970 album "Let it Be" in "The Long and Winding Road".

"Thanks to the Beatles and EMI, ten years ago, we realized the dream since the launch of iTunes," said Qiao Bushi.

Friday, 12 November 2010

Several Google executives 30% of annual salary will increase 10% next year, full pay

November 13, according to foreign media reports, Google Friday to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) report shows that several company executives will receive next year's salary increased significantly.

The report shows, Google Chief Financial Officer Patrick Paper Chet (Patrick Pichette), head of global sales Nikeshenao Rola (Nikesh Arora), Google senior vice president of engineering and research Alan Eustace ( Alan Eustace) and Google senior vice president of product development Asus A42-A6 battery and Asus A6 battery, Jonathan Rosenberg (Jonathan Rosenberg), next year's annual base salary from the current $ 500,000 to 65 million, an increase of 30%. In addition, the Board of Directors has Piqie Te and Austria, if the value of $ 20,000,000 granted to pull the stock.

The executive staff salary increases far exceed general salary increase of 10%. Google CEO Eric Schmidt (Eric Schmidt) through the internal mail this week announced that full pay rise 10% next year. Allegedly, Google aims to raise the number of top executives in the case of successive encouraged to leave the company morale. In addition, all Google employees also get a considerable amount of salary and target bonus. Staff will also be based on individual performance, "performance pay." Google will pay $ 1,000 for staff costs of the tax holiday.

Google in Friday's report also revealed that Google's "Big Three" - CEO Eric Schmidt and co-founder Larry Page (Larry Page), Sergey Brin (Sergey Brin) are still Next year will receive a symbolic $ 1 salary. In addition, Google executives will be the company's target bonus of 150% from the basic annual salary increased to 250%. Google said in a report, company executives and staff of the pay plan has been received on Monday the approval of the Board of Directors

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Monday, 8 November 2010

Oracle hired private investigators to track the new CEO of Hewlett-Packard

According to sources, Oracle has recently hired private detectives to trace the HP CEO Li Aike (Leo Apotheker) whereabouts.

Oracle believes that the testimony of former SAP CEO Li Aike will help the company receive 40 billion in damages. Oracle asked Li Aike testify, HP refused to accept the request. Industry experts believe that HP may be worried about new CEO to accept the court inquiry could undermine its credibility.

Recognition of its subsidiary company SAP TomorrowNow to steal Oracle's software, but SAP believes that Oracle should compensate the company tens of millions of dollars. SAP executives said Li Aike responsible for the TomorrowNow business, learned the truth when, after Li Aike shut down TomorrowNow business.

The source said the lawyer refused to let Li Aike accept the court summons. Sources pointed out that if Li Aike people abroad, Oracle will not be required to testify Li Yike, Li Aike only waiting to return to California.

Oracle and HP were not available for comment.

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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

GPU, a new application: hardware acceleration of the browser battle

What is the hardware acceleration?

Recently bubble, we can often see from the network hardware acceleration on the reports of the browser, it seems that overnight all browsers are beginning to discuss the topic of hardware acceleration, IE9, Firefox, Google Chrome are in active preparation forward to usher in a full browser support for hardware acceleration. Today, we talk about this article on the main browser's hardware acceleration.

What is hardware acceleration

According to Wikipedia's explanation is that the computer Dell Inspiron 1300 Battery hardware accelerated by the very large computational work assigned to specialized hardware to handle the workload to reduce the central processing technology.

This sentence from the above we easily see that, first of all should have the hardware acceleration to reduce the workload of the central features of the processor, and requires specialized hardware to deal with. In order to have a better understanding to facilitate you, the author here on the "hardware acceleration" of the word in more simple language to explain.

We all know that the most important thing is the computer CPU (central processing unit), it is important not only because it is the heart of the computer, but also in terms of computing power is versatile, and as long as the computing side of things, theory are able to get on the CPU, such as CPU can render images, you can decode the video, you can decode the audio, you can 3D rendering, but in the implementation of efficiency, it should specialized hardware Dell Inspiron 1300 Battery. Such as the use of GPU for image and video processing, using a separate sound card for audio processing, even in the early years, the video decompression, acquisition, etc., require specialized hardware (cards not supported).

90 s implemented using floating-point coprocessor hardware acceleration calculated

In the computer, CPU too many things due to the tube (almost all of the things that many will participate, at least directed), so to save CPU resources is an important objective of hardware acceleration, idle CPU resources can be used to dry more many things. This is the fundamental purpose of hardware acceleration.

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