Sunday, 27 June 2010

Acer plans to thin the mainstream attributed Gateway brand

Taiwan media reported the news from PC makers, said Acer UM09E36 battery's recent strategy to adjust its ultra-thin notebook, plan except 11.6-inch Aspire Timeline series, attributed to the ultra-thin notebook Gateway brand.

Acer Laptop batteries has completed the current 13-inch, 15 inch thin the clearance of the deal, the future of ultra-thin 13-inch and 15 inch will be attributed to the Gateway brand. Acer UM09E31 battery in the future will focus on the 11.6-inch Acer Aspire Timeline AS1810T Series battery and TimelineX series notebooks, the re-classification may be released early after the new Gateway 13.3-inch thin this, subsequent introduction of a 14-inch this.

Sources also said that with the Intel Ultra Low Voltage Core i7-660UM/Core i5-430UM 540UM/Core i3-330UM processors, Acer Aspire Timeline AS1810T Series battery recently released the above processor will be thin this. In addition, Acer UM09E36 battery will also further improve the thickness and laptop battery life.

Acer Laptop batteries has recently Quanta 11.6 inch and 13.3-inch ultra-thin Inventec all transferred to the order Wistron, as the ultra-thin models in the notebook market share of this only 10% of the industry that the time of transfer orders will not be much impact on the Acer Laptop batteries.

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Friday, 25 June 2010

AMD vice president and CMO: notebook platform model by twice

June 25 news yesterday, AMD senior vice president and chief global marketing officer Nigel Dessau in dialogue with Sohu IT, said the new AMD notebook platform provides users with high emphasis on visual experience of the product at the same time to increase battery life concerns, these efforts have won a good return AMD to AMD new platform-based notebook VISION model number is tripled.

This year, Nigel Dessau mentioned notebook computer chip platform on May 26 officially released in China, namely the Danube (Danube) and the Nile (the Nile) platform, now have, including Acer laptop batteries, HP laptop batteries, Fujitsu laptop batteries, Asus laptop battery and PC manufacturers including Lenovo laptop battery launched products based on the new platform.

AMD including desktop and notebook computers and servers have a number of areas, including product distribution, Nigel Dessau said that in the mobile market, AMD is most concerned about occupying the mainstream notebook market.

To the traditional mainstream PC market, a laptop battery user experience, "Cool'n'Quiet" longer battery life as mentioned many times Nigel Dessau keywords. AMD CPU and GPU also have two research and development capabilities, and have accumulated rich experience in products and solutions integration.

Compared with Intel, AMD is more emphasis on relationships with partners, rather than new research and development started. This is why Intel introduced with the Nokia's new operating system, AMD has not launched a similar product causes, Nigel Dessau says AMD's own resources better integration and to strengthen relationships with partners to provide better products.

Nigel Dessau will define good products to the user good user experience, and meet user demand for a variety of computer-based. New computer chip, battery life time to become one of the highlights AMD, in an interview with Sohu IT dialogue, Nigel Dessau in order to use the AMD quad-core processor, the Lenovo laptop battery for instance, has this laptop I used for four hours, is also very cool and very quiet, now show it still has two hours Lenovo laptop battery.

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Thursday, 24 June 2010

About The laptop battery cells

Laptop battery sharing:

The current Dell xps m1530 battery is divided into 3 core, 4 core, 6 core, 8 core, 9 core, 12 cores. In brief, 4-cell battery life 2 hours, 6 core was 3 hours, and so on. Of course, the greater the number of cores, the longer the life, of course, the higher the price, but stability will be less than the Dell Latitude E6400 battery to almost. Recommend the use of ordinary home users with their computer comes standard with the core number, such as 3-core, 4 core, because the main is in the home, a stable power supply. Recommend the use of general office users 6 core and 8-cell battery, because the relatively long standby time point, make your office more convenient. If there is a higher mobile office requirements, we can consider 9-cell and 12 cell Dell Latitude E6500 battery, this Dell Latitude E6400 battery is not easy to carry too heavy, not 6 core and 8 core stability. In fact, core 6 core and 8 is sufficient, because the 6 core and 8 cores in your normal office use is up to 3 hours or more, if playing the game, please choose the large capacity Dell Latitude E6500 battery.

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Monday, 21 June 2010

Amazon Kindle cuts 70 dollars to respond to competitive price

Internet news:

June 22 news this week, Amazon and Barnes & Noble on the e-book reader price adjustment in response to similar products such as Apple laptop battery iPad competition. After lunch deal in the United States, the two companies share price fell about 3%, investors worried that a price war to escalate.

Amazon Kindle e-book reader transferred 189 U.S. dollars from 259 U.S. dollars, down 70 dollars. U.S. book retailer Barnes & Noble before launching Wi-Fi version Nook ebook reader, and the old product price reductions.

Barnes & Noble is the largest U.S. electronic retailer, the new Wi-Fi version of Reader is priced at 149 U.S. dollars, the original 3G version of Nook down to 199 U.S. dollars.

Analysts expect the nation's dedicated e-book reader this year will reach 7 million units sold, total sales will reach 10.5 million units laptop battery. End of the year, non-wireless Internet access reader prices are expected to drop 99 U.S. dollars.

Amazon spokesman did not disclose the price reduction date.

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Saturday, 19 June 2010

Microsoft released Office 2010 today

June 18 pm news, Microsoft officially for the mass market in China today released Office 2010. Total 8 brand computer manufacturers to cooperate with Microsoft in the Chinese market for new models in pre-loaded Office 2010 Starter Edition.

This eight vendors were Acer, Asus, Dell, Founder, Hewlett-Packard, Lenovo, Sony and Toshiba. User price of 299 yuan for the product key card to activate the upgrade to the full version of Office 2010.

Microsoft released the news that next year, computer makers will introduce more than 100 million units worldwide pre-loaded Office 2010 Starter Edition brand computer.

The face of a huge market capacity, but facing difficult issues such as copyright piracy in China market, Microsoft hopes Starter Edition pre-installed with vendors to encourage more users to buy. Starter Edition only contains the Word and Excel, and function of the compression, while there are advertising field to remind the user to buy the full version.

Microsoft's Information Worker Business Group, general manager of Greater China, Eunice Chiou had accepted an interview, said Sina science and technology, "buy the product key card to activate it, you can enjoy the full version. It does not need to reinstall, you need only activate the full version will be presented. "

Microsoft China in accordance with the interpretation of the relevant persons, and pre-install a fixed version of the software pre-installed model of a different, pre-loaded but in reality is the software loaded on the computer all of the features, users start using a simplified version for free, if you want to upgrade, Buy the appropriate version of the product key card can be activated to the corresponding version.

Previously, Microsoft has released Office 2010 Home Student Edition is priced at 398 yuan, you can install the three computers. Eunice Chiou said the purchase of 299 yuan a key card to activate the pre-installed to the home student version of Starter Edition, but the key card into a single installation license, only installed on the new computer, and non-transferable.

The possibility for Microsoft to take the field in the Starter Edition ad to push the commercial advertising to users free access to more features for the strategy, Eunice Chiou did not give a positive response, saying only that "the current plan only Office-related advertising."

Free Starter Edition will only be installed on new computers, the user can not download. Eunice Chiou said that for computer users who have purchased, if they want free use of Office, you can use the free online version, Office 2010 Online Applications (Office Web Apps).

This is the first launch of Office products online application. Although the public will be the launch of Microsoft Office online version of the Google online documentation as a response to an important measure, but Eunice Chiou always careful to avoid comparison with Google. Asked if worried about the future of online application mode to become mainstream, Eunice Chiou stressed that "we see this demand, but we also believe that your computer terminal for local needs, with the demand side is synchronous online presence."

Free online version and 399 local families Student Edition, a free Starter Edition pre-installed with 299 yuan for the full version activation key. Eunice Chiou hope that the combined effect of these marketing strategy, one that users "do not need to look for pirates to use."

The launch of Office 2010 includes three versions, namely the family and Student Edition, Small Business Edition and Professional Edition. Computer makers and retail stores from the store today (June 18) for sale. Previously, Microsoft has launched an online mall over the network pre-order.

From Microsoft's data show that worldwide, download the trial version of Office 2010 users who tested more than nine million, the figure is the Office 2007 beta 6 times, in China, Office 2010 users who download more than 50 million people.

Microsoft's Greater China chairman, said Simon Leung, predicted Office 2010 users will be the largest ever Office products.

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Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Apple released new mobile phone iPhone 4


Apple iPhone 4 is the highlight of the entire General Assembly, and the sample is lost because of the leaked information is consistent. Jobs in the keynote speech, introduced 8 feature of this new functionality, including the stylish exterior, high-quality screen, three-axis gyroscope, A4 processor, the new shooting system, iOS4 operating system, iBooks applications and iAds ad platform.

To the user, iPhone 4 look very fashionable, both before and after the use of high quality scratch resistant glass, the thickness of only 9.3 mm, compared to Apple's iPhone 3GS of 12.5 mm thickness decreased by 24%, is the world's thinnest smartphone. Its 3.5-inch 960 * 640 pixels IPS LCD screen is the focus of Steve Jobs introduced Apple laptop battery called Retina display. IPhone 3GS its display accuracy is 4 times the resolution of 326 pixels per inch, contrast ratio up to 800:1, is by far the highest fine in the iPhone family of the screen, whether text or image display is clear and sharp.

Although slim, Apple has increased the iPhone 4 of the laptop battery capacity, coupled with the excellent A4 processor power management features, the 3G up to 7 hours of talk time, beyond the iPhone 3GS level. Only through the WLAN connection, iPhone 4 you can make video calls, saving users the cost and bring the real exchange. It not only has the body front and back camera, and the main camera back irradiation with 500 megapixel sensors, and with LED lights, significantly increased covert light shooting. iPhone 4 also supports 720p HD video capture, and the iPhone version of iMovie can be easily edited.

Jobs announced that Apple iPhone will be a new generation operating system named iOS4, and support the existing iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Free. iPhone 4 in the new operating system support for the first time a multi-task operation, can allow users to smoothly switch between different third-party applications, does not affect the foreground program runs.

Jobs in the keynote speech of the final announcement of the iPhone 4 the price of AT & T two-year contract in the case, 16GB version sells for 199 U.S. dollars, 32GB version sells for 299 U.S. dollars. United States and other consumers in 5 countries from June 15 to start booking the laptop battery, Hong Kong will be on sale in July. Estimated in August, 88 countries will begin to iPhone 4 sale. He also announced, iPhone 3G will withdraw from the market, while the iPhone 3GS will cut prices to 99 U.S. dollars.

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Saturday, 12 June 2010

Microsoft expects to sell 5 million units game peripheral somatosensory this year

IT news:

According to foreign media reports, Microsoft claims that by the end of this year, it will sell at least 500 million peripheral somatosensory system (Project Natal), this is a huge sales, though no official name for the system since. This is expected to come from two sources within the people, but they do not provide a specific release date (rumors have been released later in October this year).

Rumors also said that Asian manufacturers Foxconn and Flextronics will begin selling the device in August, released in October this year which makes the rumor more veracity of the system.

Earlier today, one sponsored by the OTX GamePlan latest survey, video game players on the peripheral somatosensory system, Microsoft and Sony Laptop batteries will produce the motion control system is not so interested, willing to buy these two players less than 10% of the system .

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Friday, 11 June 2010

Twitter advertising push Promoted Trends


June 12, according to foreign media reports, Twitter plans Promoted Tweets advertising platform to add new features "Promoted Trends". This feature will help advertisers will be the trend of ad insertion Twitter Canon BP-970G battery theme.

It is understood, Twitter has held discussions with advertisers like Canon BP-970G battery and Canon BP-827 Battery, but the relevant provisions of vague. Sources, the trend for the exclusive advertising theme, Twitter will be charged every day, "tens of thousands of dollars" in costs.

Promoted Trends allows advertisers theme in the next advertising trend Twitter. When the user clicks on the Canon BP-827 Battery ads, will be linked to the advertiser Promoted Tweets of the search results page such as Canon BP-827 Battery.

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Thursday, 10 June 2010

Flash functions realized with JavaScript/HTML5

Latest news

On this technology, a programmer named Simon Willison, in his blog, do a good analysis:

SmokeScreen entirely in the browser to run, read the SWF binary file, unzip (decompress and use a local JavaScript!), Extracted from the image with embedded audio, convert them to Base64 encoded data, then, will be one of the vector converted to SVG graphics animation. Open in Chrome Web Inspector, to conduct them in the presentation, you will see the real-time SVG. SmokeScreen even designs your own ActionScript interpreter like Hp Pavilion dm3 battery.

Smoak said he would soon open SmokeScreen based on open source protocol source code, at present, he has made several very nice demo, although still not perfect, but it has been able to see the Flash-based HTML5-style animation is Sony VGP BPS12 battery. The code does not support Flash video, however, HTML5 already have their own video programs. Smoak said that his mind is in a class of iPhone and iPad device, on the Flash animation style advertising, the technology most likely used in advertising the Hp pavilion dv2 battery and Acer UM09E31 battery.

After optimization, the technology can also be used for games, Willison said, infographics news site is a good use, also can be used to render cartoon style animation, such as presentation of Strongbad series.

But there are concerns, SmokeScreen can be well applied to those who speed and capacity are very limited power of laptop battery devices, and we look forward to after the open source code can be optimized. At present, only the latest browser that can use the technology, including Firefox 3.6, Chrome 5, Safari 4, and mobile Safari. Opera 10.5 Series is close to support, but not IE8, but Smoak said, IE9 promising.

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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Skype said it would fully develop Apple FaceTime applications

Apple’s Latest news:

Apple iPhone 4 demonstrated the FaceTime mobile video chat yesterday, VoIP applications can make this phone two people meet and achieve high-definition video calls. Skype today expressed the company hopes to cooperate with Apple Laptop batteries to achieve FaceTime's cross-platform technology, in addition to joint development of Skype iPhone and Apple with external, is also likely to Skype transformed into handheld devices, TV sets, particularly 3G network video communications equipment (currently the iPhone FaceTime supports only Wi-Fi).

Apple previously FaceTime as an open standard, which is similar to current VoIP SIP, but it carries in the above video H.264 video and AAC, which is almost the Internet industry, the existing video standards.

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Monday, 7 June 2010

AT & T iPhone Upgrade to relax the eligibility

latest IT news:

June 7, according to foreign media reports, Apple held the 2010 Worldwide Developers Conference the occasion, iPhone, the exclusive U.S. carrier AT & T to adjust the iPhone upgrade program, and more still with AT & T's contract during the time the user will be eligible to 18 U.S. dollars "upgrade fee" phone upgrade iPhone 4G.

AT & T users can access, click on "View upgrade options" to view the upgrade eligibility requirements. Symbols required to pay an early termination of the user need not breach the contract fee, just sign a new mobile phone service contract. Apple is expected to be in this Developers Conference keynote speech posted on the new iPhone, the speech in Beijing at 1 o'clock on the June 8 start.

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Saturday, 5 June 2010

Facebook reached 500 million registered members


June 5 morning news, according to foreign media reports, Facebook CEO Makezhake Berg (Mark Zuckerberg), recently said at D8, Facebook registered users has reached 500 million mark.

Live coverage of the foreign blog, Zuckerberg talked about Facebook in the establishment of the time, said: "We build service from the bedroom to the now 500 million subscribers such as laptop battery." This means that Facebook's users have reached a milestone style 500 million.

Despite Record live blog that the scene is not completely correct, but we can be inferred from other evidence. Before this, Zuckerberg announced to employees by e-mail promotions Bret Taylor as chief technology officer, in an email, on Facebook, Zuckerberg said, "What's is the main business daily landing more than 250 million users, and our team of engineers to less than 15. "

Therefore, according to Zuckerberg of this message, and after Facebook announced "arbitrary date is 50% of the active user is logged on", which means the laptop battery site has reached 500 million mark.

The increase in the number of members that had critics for Facebook's privacy policy requires members to delete their personal accounts of behavior had little impact on Facebook.

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Thursday, 3 June 2010

Dell CEO considers the privatization of management after delisting the company

June 4 news, Dell CEO Michael recently said that make the company private.

Yesterday, Michael in New York Sanford - Bernstein (Sanford C. Bernstein & Co) meeting revealed this intention, but he declined to say why to do so. At the meeting, Bernstein teacher Toni Sacconaghi asked Michael Dell if they would consider privatization, he replied: "Yes." Michael said to have taken "every intention" continuing Dell Inspiron 1545 battery company operations, but failed to achieve growth plans, he added: "determined to continue managing the company a long time."

45-year-old Michael said: "This transformation is not complete. If I had to rate it had to give a 'not completely' level."

The so-called privatization of listed companies, is a special kind of capital market M & A operations; and other M & A operations biggest difference is that its objective is the acquisition of listed companies were delisted from the public companies into private companies. Popular is that the controlling shareholders to minority shareholders to buy back all your shares in the hands of, and expand existing share the Dell Studio 1537 battery, the company eventually delisting.

According to Reuter’s data, Michael Dell is the company's largest single shareholder, holding 11.6%. In 1984 he founded the company in the University of Texas, using direct sales computer. Since then Dell Studio 1537 battery has grown rapidly, once the largest computer manufacturers. But in recent years not only behind Hewlett-Packard, Acer and more are being exceeded. Dell 2004 resigned CEO, 2007 about returning to the CEO post.

He then conducted more than 10 acquisitions, layoffs, so the Dell Inspiron 1545 battery is more diversified. However, due to the rising costs of memory and liquid crystal displays, the company for two consecutive quarterly decline in gross margin.

Michael said components market "is still very tight," hopelessness still increase early next year, he reiterated that Dell laptop batteries will continue to be for the acquisition, but the bulk purchase will be smaller, the company will continue to hire sales staff, particularly in servers and storage in the field of professional staff.

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