Friday, 20 March 2015

Acer Revo single hands-on reconsider: A PC, console, media ribbon and NAS in the sphere of single tiny box

Acer's hottest doodad in favor of the to your house is the Revo single which is a micro-PC, media ribbon and NAS drive in the sphere of single. Here's our hands-on reconsider of the Acer Revo single RL85.

Announced by the side of CES 2015, the Acer Revo single strength of character be present hitting shelves across the UK soon with the doodad aiming to be present the focus of your to your house, rebuff carry some weight which space you decide to depletion it in the sphere of. See to it that in addition: Hannspree PC on a Stick reconsider.

Acer Revo single hands-on reconsider: Fee and make public engagement and competition

Although the Acer Revo single is a PC, its pint-sized form cause income with the aim of it's in addition taking on the media streamers which are tremendously standard. Under the covers it's a very various part of a set of kit but it still ought to, to a little area, take on the Apple television, Google Chromecast, Roku players and Amazon Fire television. Read: What's the superlative media steamer 2015?

Compared to folks gadgets, the Acer Revo single is pretty expensive. They are all under £100 and the Revo starts by the side of £239 and the top of the range typical strength of character congeal you back £599. You'll see to it that why whilst we approach to the hardware and specifications.

It strength of character start shipping on 6 April with retailers plus PC humankind, Currys, Amazon, Dabs, Tesco express and eBuyer.

Acer Revo single hands-on reconsider: What's it in favor of?

Why would you poverty to give so much other than folks reasonable gadgets? Well since the Revo single is a PC, it's not restricted to a selection of apps. In favor of instance, Roku players don't maintain Amazon Prime instantaneous capture on tape and the Apple television has rebuff native support in favor of BBC iPlayer. Using the net browser of your picking, you can watch in effect no matter which via the Revo single – Blinkbox, Sky reach, Google fool around, Netflix, you choose it.

Since it's running the Microsoft Bing version of Windows 8 you can execute all the other things you'd normally execute too. You won't be present able to run round blown PC games by the side of a decent framerate but near is loads of scope in favor of casual gaming if you connected a wireless controller.

Acer is not touting the Revo single in favor of a regard space in the sphere of the farmhouse and quite rightly so. You can straightforwardly plug it into your television like a regular set-top box, position it in the sphere of your study the same as a hole saving PC or else depletion it in the sphere of the bedroom or else even the kitchen. It wouldn't be present too intense to move it concerning accommodation if you lone move the device itself and the power principal.

The combination of size and specifications progress to this an tremendously versatile PC – that's why Acer says it has 'all the power of a PC with no the tower'.

If you are vacant to depletion it in the sphere of the living space connected to a television you'll poverty the remote control in the sphere of order to cooperate. It has a touchpad to move the indicator the same as well the same as close buttons and a Qwerty baby grand on the rear. Nearly everyone retailers strength of character be present shipping the Revo single with this controller but a little strength of character supply a Bluetooth baby grand and mouse.

We've had a fool around with the remote control and it takes a petty occasion to acquire used to but you execute acquire the hang of it. In favor of broad-spectrum navigation it's quick but does acquire pretty fiddly whilst you need to cooperate with something like the EPG on Sky reach. There's in addition an app called Acer Revo Suite which strength of character let somebody have unsophisticated controls. We weren't able to test this dazed due to exchange ideas issues but it's at present to be had in favor of machine with iOS and Windows support appearance soon.

Acer Revo single hands-on reconsider: Hardware and specs

Inside the tiny plastic housing of the Acer Revo single is an Intel Celeron workstation. The account level typical strength of character approach with 2 GB of RAM and a 60 GB intense drive but that's not it. You'll be present able to wish models with an Intel focal point i3 or else i5, up to 8 GB of RAM and up to 2 TB of luggage compartment.

Near strength of character be present various SKUs to be had depending on what did you say? Computer chip you poverty, amount of RAM and luggage compartment. Despite being so tiny the Revo single has the potentially to import 6 TB since it has three bays which can take 2 TB both. It can bend in two up the same as a NAS drive and in addition ropes RAID 0- 1- and 5.

Inside is 11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and near are loads of ports on the back plus HDMI, mini DisplayPort, two USB 2.0 ports, two USB 3.0 ports and Ethernet. An SD tag slot sits hidden on the top beside the notifications LEDs.

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