Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Twitter has reached 6.6 billion valuation

February 24 morning news, according to the latest U.S. private Laptop battery market transaction prices SharesPost, Twitter's valuation of the fully diluted shares has reached 66 billion U.S. dollars.

SharesPost notice that Twitter currently has 35,000 shares of preferred stock pending the auction, the auction reserve price of $ 29.50.

Last December, Twitter finance $ 200,000,000. Earlier media reports, including Google and Facebook and Twitter, including the Laptop battery companies have launched a low-level acquisition negotiations, and to give Twitter 80 to 100 billion valuation. Twitter $ 45,000,000 in revenue last year, but still at a loss. Expected revenue this year from 100 million to 110 million U.S. dollars. Twitter declined comment.

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Monday, 21 February 2011

iPad still holds the price advantage

When Apple CEO Steve Jobs (Steve Jobs) iPad released last January, the biggest surprise is not the product itself (a lot of people put the iPad as a "large iPhone"), but only $ 500 price.

The reason why no one expected the price, perhaps because Apple has always focused on high-end mobile market, MacBook usually the price in 1000 dollars. Perhaps because of Apple laptop battery executives have repeatedly told investors that they can not produce a "price $ 500 but not spam" products.

However, given that Apple is indeed cheap, but also did not spam iPad. iPad is still the best in their field and most popular products. At the same time, competitors are difficult to achieve low-cost 500 dollars.

Motorola Xoom Tablet PC in the U.S. market price of 800 dollars. (To be fair, with which most closely matches the iPad model sells for $ 730, but 500 dollars Xoom not prepared to launch the model, and a lack of Motorola's low-end products will be negative.) Samsung Galaxy Tab though only with a 7-inch screen However, the price is still bare metal up to 600 dollars.

Why is it so hard to achieve the low price? Apple is how to do it?

Retail Strategy

U.S. IT news site Tech Republic's Jason Messina (Jason Hiner) that largely stems from Apple's retail strategy. Apple currently has 300 retail stores, can be sold directly to users iPad. This is an advantage, because if iPad major retail outlets through a third party, there will be a large part of the profit grab by these retailers.

Apple laptop battery has with Best Buy and Wal-Mart and other retail chains launched a cooperation, but the store inventory always seems inadequate. Messina believes that the real purpose of such cooperation is likely to expand the marketing reach, not sold iPad.

"If retailers to sell products through cooperation, Apple will be hard to swallow the bitter fruit of profit. And if the user directly through Apple's retail or online store, Apple will be profitable." He said, "However, like Motorola , Hewlett-Packard and Samsung to cooperate companies are retailers must Tablet PC to get all of the wholesale profits. "

This seems reasonable retail advantages, but Messina and have neglected to open 300 retail stores by Apple to pay the high fees. Messina's theory does have merit, Apple's own stores can indeed bring significant benefits: an extension of a large range of users, and in Apple's own store, their products do not have with other vendors on the shelf competition.

Vertical integration

But when we try to crack the secrets of iPad for only $ 500, you must also be fully taken into account, not just the retail strategy.

Apple's vertical integration is the world's strongest businesses. In addition to operating its own retail network, Apple's hardware and software design are also independent, but Apple laptop battery also has its own digital content store.

Means that Apple developed intellectual property without paying license fees to third parties. For example, A4 chip technology is developed or owned by Apple technology (rather than from Intel, AMD or Nvidia). Apple also has its own operating system without having to use Microsoft's or Google's products.

Why do you think HP's acquisition of Palm to develop the TouchPad? HP want to have self-developed mobile operating system to control their own destiny in the mobile market, stop the dependence on Microsoft, which so far has not developed a convincing strategy for tablet PCs.

In the iTunes media platform, Apple will be extracted from each sale into a certain, including the App Store, iBooks, and iTunes and other digital stores. Compared to Amazon, iBooks still a long way to go, but the App Store and iTunes is the most successful in their respective areas of digital media store.

Round enterprise

In short, iPad may exceed the value of 500 dollars. U.S. market research firm iSuppli teardown analysis of only part of the iPad not fully estimate the true costs because they have not taken into account and R & D and other factors. Apple has been able to withstand such a low price, most likely because the company has a strong eco-system, but also firmly in control of every aspect of product pricing.

This will ultimately boil down to two aspects: the ecosystem and control. The reason why competitors can not achieve low-cost 500 dollars, because they can not as integrated as Apple laptop battery, including retail strategy, the digital content market, and all hardware and software engineering factors.

As Steve Jobs famously said, "Apple laptop battery is the last one in our industry all-round business," so when the competitors will encounter difficulties against the iPad.

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Sunday, 13 February 2011

Sony Ericssonofficially released PSP games and smart phone

February 14 morning news, the Global System for Mobile Communications Conference (Mobile World Congress), and Sony laptop battery Ericsson (hereinafter referred to as "Sony Ericsson") released the Xperia PLAY PlayStation based smart phones. Sony laptop battery said the PlayStation game combines mobile phone capabilities and the latest version of the Android mobile operating system.

When the Xperia PLAY in portrait mode, the equivalent of an ordinary Android phone, with a 500 million pixel camera and a resolution of 480x854 the 4-inch screen. When the slide-out game control panel, it immediately became a handheld game consoles, with a number of keys, two analog touch panel, the machine's two shoulder buttons, and a clear button with a PlayStation logo.

Xperia PLAY using Qualcomm Snapdragon 1GHz processor, the latest Adreno GPU to the screen quality to new levels, and realize the game 60fps playback, better browsing Laptop battery experience, and lower power consumption.

Xperia PLAY is the first "PlayStation certification" of the phone, which means that it can make use of PlayStation Suite official version of the PlayStation emulator to access the Laptop battery content. PlayStation Suite will be released later this year.

Currently, games such as Electronic Arts and Gameloft for the equipment companies are developing games, including "Need for Speed," "The Sims 3", "Splinter Cell" and "Assassin's Creed," including the upcoming game. In addition, the device also supports AndroidMarket all the games and applications.

Sony laptop battery Ericsson launch XperiaPLAY next month in the global mobile phone.

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Friday, 4 February 2011

Toshiba 3D naked eye TV

According to foreign media reports, the naked eye the world's first 3D TV maker Toshiba said on Wednesday, 3D TV listed the naked eye the first month of sales of less than half of the company's expectations.

Toshiba on sale at the end of December last year the naked eye 3D TV. Toshiba's president Masaaki Osumi vision products, said the first month of the listing time, the 20-inch 3D TV naked eye only 500 units sold, the more expensive 12-inch 3D TV sales naked eye or even lower. Naked eye 3D 20-inch TV costs about 240,000 yen (about U.S. $ 2,940). Toshiba had expected the listing of the first month, two different types of 3D naked eye TV sales will reach 1,000 units.

Masaaki Osumi said the two already on the market because the naked eye 3D TV sales below expectations, the company needs to launch a larger TV screen 3D naked eye, to attract consumers. Toshiba, Samsung and Sony started selling 3D TV from last year. The TV manufacturers had had 3D TV is full of information, hoping to allow them to return to profitability in this product, but in fact consumers do not buy it but this resulted in market demand is far below their expectations. Masaaki Osumi said, "Sales data shows that only introduced the naked eye larger screen 3D TV, can lead to more attention of consumers."

Sony Chief Financial Officer Masaru Kato last October, said the company had previously expected the company's 3D TVs will account for 25 million units last year, 10% of TV shipments goal, but in fact are far lower than expected. The world's largest TV maker Samsung Electronics Dell xps m1530 battery and Dell xps m1730 batterysaid last month that the market for 3D TV screen needs to use "relatively weak."

Toshiba shares rose 12% last year, the Nikkei 225 index rose 0.5% in the same period. Toshiba shares closed at 514 yen on Wednesday. Masaaki Osumi said that in the next three years, Toshiba's TV sales will achieve double to 30 million units. Industry insiders estimate that Toshiba's TV revenues this year will account for 6.6 trillion of total company revenue 11%.

Masaaki Osumi said Toshiba plans this summer, alliance with local partners in India, started production of television sets in India. He said that as of 2014 3 at the end of the 2014 fiscal year, the emerging market for low-end television sets will account for half of the total sales of Toshiba television and Dell Latitude E6400 battery. Masaaki Osumi said the naked eye the big screen 3D TV will be in Japan, North America and Europe on sale.

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