Sunday, 13 February 2011

Sony Ericssonofficially released PSP games and smart phone

February 14 morning news, the Global System for Mobile Communications Conference (Mobile World Congress), and Sony laptop battery Ericsson (hereinafter referred to as "Sony Ericsson") released the Xperia PLAY PlayStation based smart phones. Sony laptop battery said the PlayStation game combines mobile phone capabilities and the latest version of the Android mobile operating system.

When the Xperia PLAY in portrait mode, the equivalent of an ordinary Android phone, with a 500 million pixel camera and a resolution of 480x854 the 4-inch screen. When the slide-out game control panel, it immediately became a handheld game consoles, with a number of keys, two analog touch panel, the machine's two shoulder buttons, and a clear button with a PlayStation logo.

Xperia PLAY using Qualcomm Snapdragon 1GHz processor, the latest Adreno GPU to the screen quality to new levels, and realize the game 60fps playback, better browsing Laptop battery experience, and lower power consumption.

Xperia PLAY is the first "PlayStation certification" of the phone, which means that it can make use of PlayStation Suite official version of the PlayStation emulator to access the Laptop battery content. PlayStation Suite will be released later this year.

Currently, games such as Electronic Arts and Gameloft for the equipment companies are developing games, including "Need for Speed," "The Sims 3", "Splinter Cell" and "Assassin's Creed," including the upcoming game. In addition, the device also supports AndroidMarket all the games and applications.

Sony laptop battery Ericsson launch XperiaPLAY next month in the global mobile phone.

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