Monday, 28 March 2011

CCBN in 2011: Although the show still can be exciting and practical

Into the CCBN, One Museum Changqiangduanbao front, high and low arm to give the "Radio", "TV" a strong impression, with the sound on both sides of the shock of the size of the screen to start the CCBN's garden tour.

No matter how large booth, or a small booth, in the eyes of the most common is the triple play. The content of radio and television systems rely on a strong resource, develop a range of experience model. In a way, this and previous communications development of interactive games, IPTV has many similarities. Such as interactive games, table tennis, tennis, racket, and really similar, but the above plus a sensor device for wireless transmission, but also need a separate remote control to operate the game interface, and, according to a press experience, and the real table tennis, tennis quite significant compared to the gap. After the press experience, then who hesitated, and finally give up the opportunity to participate in experience. IPTV and telecommunications show almost no difference between similar programs, that is next to the TV screen there are some menu options, such as on-demand television, news, buy more. According to the reporter's experience, when the demand for new sources into the set-top boxes, the playback is very smooth, but the actual operations at the local, on-demand television and Internet fluency is closely related to, pause, mosaic phenomenon occurred frequently.

It is reported that by the end of September last year, 12 pilot cities and regions have submitted their draft program of pilot implementation of triple play, triple play, but State Department coordination group has not been approved, originally planned to release in early 2011, the second batch of pilot list of cities has also been postponed. Visible, triple play actually face many obstacles, can be described as difficult. Therefore, this exhibition, triple play crowded, but there is no network support, no real application conditions, the overall size of the pilot is also very limited. Out of these, regardless of presentation and then a lively, bustling again, but inevitably a bit like a castle in the air.

Line to several major domestic TV makers booth, attractive presentation is one of 3D TV. Some experts said, 3D TV experience, the best results should not need glasses, but can not see a long time dizzy. However, two well-known journalists to experience 3D television manufacturers, the rather mixed feelings. The first is to wear glasses, while the second is to look at the eyes a bit uncomfortable. Reporters asked about the sources for the problem, a 3D chip manufacturer is stored in the set-top boxes in the source; the other player is foreign manufacturers bought 3D CD-ROM, a disc of price actually is more than 30 dollars. Although domestic 3D TV has entered the store, but also the 3D ROM in the sale, but the scarcity of new sources, and failed to further improve the experience, to reach the current LCD and plasma TV's application scale, still need to be patient. But a scientific and technical personnel on the 3D TV with confidence, he told reporters, 3D TV "a lot of potential."

Based on the above can be seen, CCBN show us the whole basis of the TV broadcasting system, and continuously improve the user experience and expand services efforts. In fact, these innovative services are indeed a very great development potential, but at the same time, these services from the practical experience and a certain distance, but also in technological innovation, industrial chain Acer AS07B31 battery, Sony VGP-BPS10 battery, Fujitsu FPCBP160AP battery, cost reduction and other areas to pay more efforts. According to report, a large TV factory, 3D TV, display, mainly from Japan and Korea, and their 3D panel production line has also been the layout, but mainly to meet the "different levels of market demand." From past experience we believe that if no breakthrough in core technology, users will be difficult to enjoy the "inexpensive" multimedia experience.

Walk through the exhibition, radio and television journalists are concerned about the next generation system is to actively promote the wide network (NGB) solution, but in the triple play, while hot, NGB solution is not much, only a few large booths and related scientific research institutions has been involved in the display booth. One of the traditional telecom vendors significantly higher degree of concern NGB, for example, Huawei launched the "cloud - tube - end - control" solution; Cisco launched the Videoscape video platform. Telecom companies shows a high degree of attention for the broadcasting market, and great enthusiasm. Including many optical fiber and cable manufacturers, MAN, broadband access solutions provider, have also appeared in CCBN's exhibition which shows that the widely between grids and telecommunications networks in technology, network infrastructure and application level, there is a huge intersection. Some experts said, NGB will work with Telecom's optical network planning form a match in the city, but the moment, in the city has its own telecommunications network and a wide line into the home, and into the NGB, the existing power grid need to transform the contents of the wide rather more two-way transformation as Dell Latitude E6400 battery, Dell Latitude E6500 battery, Dell Inspiron 1440 battery, we need hundreds of billions of investment, with a large number of routers replace the existing broadcast platform, and its considerable investment, are clearly not short duration. The telecommunications "light into the copper," there has been significant progress in the light and close proximity of the end user, the single-user access speed has been able to achieve 30Mbps ~ 50Mbps, almost able to meet all of the existing multimedia communication needs.

In any case, radio and television already has the majority of the user base and network infrastructure, how to make a fuss on this basis, will be the transformation of radio and television industry to carry out the process of innovation and focus of the work, is the next step in advancing the need for triple play in the telecommunications industry faces on the subject.

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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Facebook frequency leakage Network Security

According to foreign media reports, in the United States, Social Security number has become a rogue security concern, because the number of thieves can obtain bank, credit card and other transaction information. And this number is included as an important source of Facebook, Twitter, including Laptop battery Web site.

"Although the domestic specialized to steal personal information on the Internet for the purpose of the company to reap huge profits still rare, but that does not mean that personal information online there is no hazard." Yesterday, rising security experts Wang Zhantao admitted in an interview in Asus A42-A6 battery, Asus A42-A3 battery and Asus A41-A6 battery. Jinshan Li Tiejun, security experts said, has no shortage of hackers invading Web site dedicated to the database to obtain information, and the reselling.

This reporter noted that even the world's largest social network, Facebook's security settings and implementation still faces many problems, especially personal information security is suffering from doubt. As early as last July, there is nearly 100 million of Facebook users divulge personal information experience, which includes e-mail address and telephone number. What is more, some groups and companies in the United States specifically to steal personal information on the Internet for the purpose to obtain huge profits, has now formed a production value of billions of dollars in a huge industry.

In China, the situation personal privacy of Internet users has reached a serious level. Rising reported that European and American countries with mature social networking business model, psychological induction means of using a huge flow of users of commercial Laptop battery sites to the collection of personal privacy, their business has reached a very efficient level of terror, and that the sale of Internet users online personal information, including phone number Daquan, and other ID cards packaged for sale, there may be leakage through the social networking site.

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Friday, 18 March 2011

Groupon plans to introduce new mobile applications Groupon Now

March 19, according to foreign media reports, the foreign technology news site Mashable, the world's largest Groupon plans to buy site in April released a new application, Groupon hope that this application can change the people to choose dining, Fujitsu laptop battery shopping and entertainment time and method.

The mobile application called Groupon Now, in attracting outside attention, while it is also more easy to use, but with the current daily Groupon a fundamental change in shopping patterns. When the user opens the smart device application, it will show two buttons in front of them: I am hungry and I'm bored, click on any button, the program will provide a standard based on user location each time a detailed day trading list.

Groupon Now the advantage, after the local vendors and did not find a simple and effective way to manage the food stocks as Fujitsu laptop battery that bad, but not good disposable labor. So why do these resources wasted in the off-season, you can customize the application of high prices of Groupon Now the effective use of resources.

Groupon founder and CEO Andrew Lu Meisen (Andrew Mason) said: "For businesses, the daily deal to keep teeth as white, while the Groupon Now is the toothbrush, it just like brushing your teeth every day continuation of the business."


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Thursday, 10 March 2011

Apple's application to purchase paid transfer rules

Apple on Thursday said it has on the iPhone and iPad on the "application to buy" feature to be adjusted to prevent users, especially children because of operational errors and the costs of unnecessary payments.

Apple laptop battery said that in the latest release of iOS 4.3 operating system, users download the application and then want to buy a new application, you need to re-enter the iTunes account password to complete the payment within the application.

Prior to this, iTunes user account password if you have entered, then after 15 minutes, users do not need to pay again to re-enter the password. This may lead to users without their knowledge, due to pay to download some applications, or applications to purchase virtual goods and detained some of the charges. U.S. government and regulators have expressed concern has been that users did not receive sufficient notice.

Some users said it does not require a password for 15 minutes caused them no small losses: their children during this time may be worth hundreds of dollars to download the application, which contains a lot of games.

Apple laptop battery spokesman Chu Di Mule (Trudy Muller), said: "iOS system has industry-leading parental control features, we feel proud." She said, the user has been through the parental control options to their iTunes account restrictions, to avoid accidental payment.

Muller said: "In iOS 4.3, the user in addition to purchase applications from App Store, enter the password, but also need to buy again when making application for a password." But in the next 15 minutes, users still need a password to pay again. This is to meet the payments that require frequent users.

Last December, the Washington State Attorney's Office received a consumer complaint about the unexpected payment problems, and to that end sent a letter to Apple laptop battery. U.S. Federal Trade Commission, Markowitz (Jon Leibowitz) of the legislation said that he would investigate this. U.S. Rep. Ed Markey (Ed Markey) to Apple this policy known as "spoofing marketing" and public interest groups questioned why Apple allows the children's games in the sales price up to 99 dollars, "Snow" and "red" and so on virtual goods, because children may not know whom they need to pay real money.


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Thursday, 3 March 2011

Large-scale DDoS attacked

March 4 morning news, blog platforms yesterday by distributed denial of service attacks on a large scale (DDoS), the user was unable to open the site Dell Inspiron 300M battery and Dell Vostro 1320 battery. Currently the site has been restored access.

The website said: " is experiencing very serious DDoS attack, causing some users unable to connect sites. Attack scale up the number of GB of data per second, the amount of tens of millions of data packets. We are trying to resist the attack, but little effect because the great size of DDoS attacks. Now, with the weakening of attack, all should have been returned to normal. but we are actively cooperate with the upstream network provider, again causing the site to prevent such attacks can not access. "WordPress did not disclose the DDoS attack sources.

WordPress founder cell (Matt Mullenweg) said it was has suffered the largest attack, most likely politically motivated.

He said: "The scale of DDoS attacks are so great, that we in Chicago, Dallas, San Antonio and three data centers are affected. Current attack has eased, but may stage a comeback. We are taking precautionary measures."

Currently, blog publishers for the 30 million to provide services, accounting for 10% of the global Web site, including VIPs TED, CBS (CBS) and U.S. technology blog TechCrunch. The site's unique visitors each month the amount of up to 3 million.

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