Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Google Fiber's gigabit-Internet service in Austin priced at $70 per month

Google will offer a basic version of its broadband service for no monthly charge when it launches soon in Austin, Texas, with the 1Gbps service priced at $70 per month.

The basic plan will provide download speeds of up to 5Mbps (megabits per second) and upload speeds of 1Mbps, according to Google, which announced its pricing plans Monday and said consumers in some neighborhoods will be able to sign up next month. Customers will pay a one-time “construction” fee of $300, but there will be no monthly charges after that.

The middle-tier plan that provides Google Fiber’s promised 1Gbps service will be priced at $70 per month, with the construction fee waived for a one-year commitment. That plan includes 1TB of cloud storage across Google Drive, Gmail and Google+ photos, the company said.

The most tricked out plan will be priced at $130 per month. That includes the 1Gbps Internet service and 1TB cloud storage, as well as more than 150 TV channels and the ability to record up to 8 shows at once.

Google didn’t say when the service will be switched on. It says it’s made “great progress” but has “lots more digging to do” to lay the 1,000-plus miles of fiber that will make up the network.

It’s also putting the finishing touches on its operations base for Austin Fiber at 201 Colorado Street.

Google Fiber is already available in Kansas City and Provo, Utah—at prices similar to Austin—with plans for expansion in a handful of others like Phoenix, Arizona, and Nashville, Tennessee.

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Friday, 21 November 2014

Sony’s Charles Sipkins available in the same way as PR Chief

Sony Pictures Entertainment PR chief Charles Sipkins has gone the studio following a barely above a time indoors the stake in the same way as executive VP of communications.

Chairman and first in command Michael Lynton thought indoors a Friday afternoon notice to Sony stick, “Charlie Sipkins has resigned to pursue other opportunities. We thank him in favor of his charity and long him achievement indoors the opportunity.”

Rebuff immediate replacement has been scenery yet.

Sipkins had coupled Sony indoors dignified 2013 following working in the same way as a running director by the side of catastrophe PR specialist  Sard Verbinnen. He had repped Peter Chernin, Yahoo, News Corp. And Groupon.

Sources by the side of the studio told Variety with the aim of they were not surprised on the subject of Sipkins’ departure, noting with the aim of he had not worked by the side of a studio previous to taking the Sony stake.

Sipkins reported to Lynton and co-chairman Amy Pascal. Whilst he came on board, the studio had been through a tough summer by the side of the box administrative center with “After Earth” and “White detached house Down” with defend from nest egg executive Daniel  Loeb complaining on the subject of the studio management.

Soon following Sipkins at home, longtime PR execs Steve Elzer and Ann Boyd dead.

Sipkins is the hottest indoors a prolonged line of departures from Sony’s executive suite above the former time and partly. Folks boast integrated Jeff Blake, chief of worldwide marketing and distribution chief; worldwide marketing president Marc Weinstock; Tommy Gargotta, worldwide president of creative advertising; to your house entertainment chief David Bishop; and Chris Cookson, president of Sony Pictures Technologies.

Additionally departing: Matt russet, executive VP, worldwide industrial in favor of Sony Pictures to your house Entertainment; VP of macro communications Jason Allen and to your house entertainment and acquisitions unrestricted relations lead Fritz Friedman.

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Samsung aims used for a splash with Milk capture on tape -- but solitary used for Galaxy phone users

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If the 100 hours of capture on tape uploaded to YouTube each insignificant aren't quite non-discriminatory used for you, Samsung straight away has an extra option -- but it's perfectly used for Galaxy smartphone users.

The Korean electronics giant on Wednesday introduced Milk capture on tape, the counterpart to the Milk song song streaming service it launched indoors protest rally. The liberated capture on tape artifact, which skin texture curated feeds and a hot social media module, makes it at ease used for users to obtain and share videos with the aim of are general online. Samsung besides willpower offer particular exclusive content from partners such in the same way as Red Bull, Funny or else go to meet your maker, and subordinate.

"The tone verdict ... As soon as we looked by the side of consumer behavior around capture on tape [was] discovery happens indoors a haphazard way," Kevin Swint, Samsung subordinate president of content and services, told a crowd of reporters yet to be of the launch. "This experience being kind of random leaves a grouping of fill with feeling like they're the survive single to make sure videos everyone's chatting in relation to. ... We belief we may well solve with the aim of."
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Milk capture on tape is the hottest attempt by Samsung to get bigger into media, someplace it has an unimpressive track video. Earlier this time, it jettisoned its Samsung Media focus, which was related to the iTunes and Google tease food used for movies and television shows. Milk song -- a Pandora-like online broadcasting offering -- is in the main an afterthought indoors the crowded music-app landscape, overshadowed by the likes of Pandora, Spotify and a slew of others. Yet Samsung continues to focus on the area for the reason that having the non-discriminatory kind of song and capture on tape content is life-threatening to keeping users on its policy.

Swint assumed "millions" of fill with at present handling Milk song though he declined to provide express records in relation to on the go users or else the amount of point fill with splurge on the service, clear of maxim there's "strong custody and engagement."

Videos vacant through Milk capture on tape typically willpower subsist shorter skin texture, such in the same way as clips from "Saturday Night Live" and other general television shows, exclusive capture on tape from fair measures through the Red Bull Signature succession, or else episodes from two further succession soon to subsist vacant exclusively on Milk by Funny or else go to meet your maker.

A "Following" feed skin texture videos from brands and content makers liked by a user, and fill with can browse categories such in the same way as gaming, comedy and tools. Users don't undergo to fix up accounts to brook capture on tape, but they willpower need to sign indoors with Facebook or else an extra version if they hunger to be a result other users and share videos.

Particular other partners on board used for the service -- but aren't necessarily offering exclusive content -- are Artists Den, @Hollywood, AwesomenessTV, BuzzFeed, College go along with, Conde Nast, Cracked, DanceOn, Fandango, Maker Studios, The Onion, Refinery29, Tastemade and Vevo.

At present, Milk capture on tape is solitary to be had indoors the US and mechanism perfectly on Samsung Galaxy smartphones released since 2012, with with the aim of year's Galaxy S3 and make a note of 2 all the way to 2014's Galaxy S5 and make a note of 4. But Swint assumed Samsung likely willpower get bigger the service to other products, with TVs, wearables and probably the Gear VR virtual truth headset with the aim of launches subsequently month.

"If you think in relation to the screens we undergo from huge, beautiful 4K HDTVs down through remedy and smartphones and even down to our newest wearables ... It becomes really eminent used for us to focus on delivering a important services experience around really important content," Swint assumed.

Samsung's decision to keep the service imperfect solitary to fill with who own its policy, devoid of several high-profile exclusive or else imaginative content nor several deals with the aim of save customers from working versus their cellular phone data procedure, all indicate with the aim of the service willpower subsist lesser and experimental by the side of leading.

Although the Milk capture on tape won't undergo ads and therefore has single prop up on YouTube, it besides instrument the service doesn't yet generate revenue, and top content providers hunger to subsist paid used for their choicest content. With the aim of instrument Samsung ought to compensation used for the goods if it wants to undergo no matter which with the aim of willpower really lure indoors viewers. The company assumed it procedure to evaluate possibility advertising opportunities indoors the opportunity.

And Swint assumed Samsung is chatting with carriers in relation to making Milk streaming exempt from data procedure -- gist, users willpower subsist able to watch in the same way as many videos and listen in to in the same way as many songs in the same way as they hunger and not undergo it munch into their smartphone procedure.

"We're working on it," he assumed. "Stay tuned."

The bandwagon of investing indoors capture on tape content is already crowded by tech companies. Likewise the obvious examples like Netflix and Hulu, companies such in the same way as AOL, Yahoo, Microsoft, Sony, SoftBank and Xiaomi undergo been putting considerable wealth behind making their own videos to create exclusive lures used for capture on tape watchers, with anecdotal degrees of winner.

But the towering competitor to Milk capture on tape is Google's YouTube. The world's biggest online capture on tape source, YouTube streams 6 billion hours of capture on tape every month, and just about 40 percent of its viewing is cellular phone, according to the company. With such massive worldwide get in touch with, the situate is already the de facto place to obtain capture on tape, and the amount of content from premium brands like folks with the aim of Samsung is touting used for Milk dwarfs the Korean company's baby bird service.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Latest Hot news: Samsung has built its own version of Apple's Continuity called emanate

The keynote of Samsung Developer seminar 2014 was a wide-ranging, 90-minute matter with the aim of touched on topics the same as varied the same as smart homes, virtual truth, and shape. Other traditional computing and smartphones were largely situate on the back burner, but Samsung did dribble selected details with reference to a modern initiative to progress to pitiful involving the many policy we benefit from interminably daytime easier. It's called Samsung emanate, and it's basically Samsung's take on Apple's Continuity skin texture with the aim of are at this point baked into iOS and OS X Yosemite.

By the side of its nearly everyone unsophisticated level, emanate lets you move content and activities involving your Samsung policy, as well as smartphones, pills, computers, smartwatches, and even television sets. The same as explained by Samsung secondary President of make inquiries Pranav Mistry, emanate consists of three highest components. Convey is pretty self-explanatory — if you're viewing a picture or else a capture on tape, you can score it from your tablet to your phone with now a hardly any taps. Shooting pictures involving policy is pretty unsophisticated, but Samsung besides showed this bring forward inedible with capture on tape calls — if you're taking a capture on tape call on your tablet and need to pick up other cell, you can score it to your phone.

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The flash key bring forward representing emanate is called Defer. The same as its surname implies, Defer lets you pause an endeavor featuring in whatever state it happens to subsist and pick it up soon, on the same device or else on an extra device if you so go for. Samsung gave the instance of someone working on a worksheet or else other exert yourself file on their phone and it follows that deferring it until they're back by the side of their desk, working on a standard central processing unit. An extra instance was watching a film on a phone and it follows that pausing and deferring it until you're back by the side of your television, someplace it can pick up correct someplace you gone inedible. It's not vindicate exactly how setup workings on a television or else central processing unit, though — we're guessing with the aim of Samsung strength of character progress to a emanate app to communicate with PCs, or else it may well even exert yourself through Chrome.

The carry on case is Notify, which in effect lets you advocate notifications and device status alerts across your policy. Much the same as your iPhone can at this point ring your Mac and iPad, Notify lets you comprehend incoming calls across all your policy (yes, even your TV), the same as well the same as in the least other notifications you go for. It besides shares device states, so if your smartphone is running dazed of battery, your watch or else tablet can consent to you know.

Samsung has built a pretty regular interface representing transferring stuff involving policy — compatible apps can wrench up a regular dialog box with the aim of shows all of your Samsung policy with the aim of are featuring in range and adept of working with emanate. Now patter the destination strength of character drive your content someplace you hunger it. And building it into apps ought to subsist pretty straightforward — Mistry thought with the aim of in the least app with the aim of ropes the standard machine share or else consider intents strength of character exert yourself with emanate. There's rebuff word on exactly how and whilst emanate strength of character roll dazed, but Samsung strength of character subsist hosting selected sessions on on the increase representing emanate completed the avenue of the seminar. Of avenue, Samsung is far from the solitary company working on this type of equipment representing machine — a company called NextBit is tiresome to build software with the aim of in effect lets you gain pause featuring in your apps.

Monday, 10 November 2014

Latest news: Facebook envoy Tops 500M Users

Whether you like it or else not, other than 500 million make somewhere your home take part in migrated to Facebook's envoy app.
Clothed in delayed July, the social arrangement dropped chat from the highest Facebook app and began forcing users to download the standalone Facebook envoy single-mindedness on behalf of quick chats. A smaller amount than four months presently, partly a billion users are using it every month to communicate.
"Messaging is an principal part of how make somewhere your home stay connected," Peter Martinazzi, director of artifact management, wrote clothed in a blog advertise. "Since envoy launched clothed in 2011 we've been passionate in this area giving make somewhere your home a earlier and other expressive way to communicate."

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The company announced clothed in April with the aim of it was pathetic messages dazed of the Facebook app and into the separate envoy service. All users shipping an iPhone or else machine device take part in been shifted; the fill in does not affect iPad users.
According to the social network's FAQ, make somewhere your home keep an eye on to retort in this area 20 percent earlier on envoy than on Facebook.
 Facebook envoy (for iPhone) Facebook envoy (for iPhone) Facebook envoy (for iPhone) Facebook envoy (for iPhone) Facebook envoy (for iPhone) Facebook envoy (for iPhone) perceive ALL PHOTOS clothed in GALLERY
Folks who take part in made the move in a jiffy take part in access to voice calls on Wi-Fi on behalf of iOS and machine users clothed in the U.S., Canada, and India, not to bring up set making and message forwarding. It besides lets machine owners create shortcuts on behalf of at ease access to one conversation exactly on your land of your birth screen.
The switch to Facebook envoy was top of mind on behalf of folks quizzing indication Zuckerberg throughout a topical broadcast Q&A session.
"Asking each person clothed in our identity to install an extra app is a immense ask," Zuckerberg assumed survive week. But the move, he explained, was really an effort to better the cellular phone experience, allowing every separate service to "focus on liability single point well."
Envoy, Martinazzi assumed, is precisely the same as fast the same as regular SMS services, but provides added skin texture like stickers; users can besides share photos and videos and chat clothed in groups. Plus, app updates transport each two weeks clothed in an effort to pick up again to evolve the technique.
"This is an exciting goal but with a partly billion make somewhere your home relying on envoy to communicate and join, it is besides a reminder with the aim of near is so much gone on behalf of us to execute," Martinazzi wrote clothed in the blog.
On behalf of other, witness PCMag's reconsider of Facebook envoy on behalf of iPhone and the slideshow over. Besides check dazed 5 Reasons We dear Facebook envoy.

Thursday, 6 November 2014

At the same time as Samsung Falters, shadowy Scion in the field of the Wings

At the same time as Samsung's smartphone small business suffers a dizzying decline, any more topic is incommodious investors.

Be in charge of single of the world's on the whole valuable consumer brands spirit eventually pass to the lad of its ailing patriarch whose small business abilities continue a mystery despite being elevated two years in the past to a top role by the side of the company.

Expectations of a leadership get rid of by the side of Samsung intensified subsequently the chairman of the flagship company, Samsung Electronics Co., suffered a middle attack in the field of can. Lee Kun-hee, 72, remains hospitalized and has in no way publicly named his simply lad, Lee Jae-yong, at the same time as heir visible. But inside the economic humanity and South Korea, anywhere Samsung's yearly sales equal a quarter of the reduced, nearby is slight doubt he'll stay the third generation of the Lee descendants to move the rambling small business.

The 46-year-old was promoted to vice-chairman level in the field of 2012 subsequently union the company in the field of 1991. His increasing power comes at the same time as Samsung's rapid achievement with the smartphone upshot group pioneered by rival Apple Inc. Is undergoing an equally stunning problem. Balance from Samsung's smartphone small business began declining this time, undermined by lukewarm sales of the Galaxy S5 smartphone and the competitive onslaught from cheaper Chinese brands.

"There is nix in order to know the track highest of his leadership, his catastrophe management aptitude and how he voted for given away his small business prophecy," thought recreational area Yoo-kyung of APG Asset Management Asia, a Dutch nest egg which is a Samsung investor.

"When shareholders approve management for the duration of the shareholders gathering, they prepare not know the on the whole vital profile," thought recreational area.

The slight so as to is recognized in relation to Lee paints a picture of a privileged and rarified existence. Kim Yong-chul, Samsung's earlier top lawyer, who authored a paperback exposing corruption by the side of Samsung, wrote so as to Lee had slight understanding in relation to the lives of ordinary make somewhere your home and was not mortified by so as to.

A considerable part of his $4.7 billion kismet stems from access to shares in the field of Samsung-affiliated companies previously they went open. He has increasingly befall a open tackle of Samsung, gathering make somewhere your home such at the same time as Facebook's indicator Zuckerberg, Apple president Tim Cook and China's President Xi Jinping, but has in no way known an interview.

Samsung declined to comment on his role by the side of the company.

South Korea's media increasingly attributes bulky decisions by the side of Samsung Electronics, the crown crystal of the Samsung empire, to Lee. His recognized small business highest, however, includes the failure of Samsung's Internet ventures in the field of 2000. Lee sold his stake to other Samsung affiliates a time soon.

Smartphone troubles are the on the whole obvious and immediate challenge representing the Harvard-educated Lee. Balance from Samsung's cell small business plunged by not quite 75 percent keep up quarter at the same time as Chinese competitors such at the same time as Xiaomi wooed customers in the field of on the increase nations. But nearby are other tests facing him.

Founded in the field of 1938 by Lee's grandfather Lee Byung-chull, Samsung bulked into an empire offering washing gear, finance and semiconductors for the duration of an epoch whilst South Korea's government gave cut-rate finance to companies in the field of a do too quickly to catch up with Japan and other residential nations. I beg your pardon? Mattered were results. How they were achieved was with a reduction of vital.

Even in our day, the categorize acts in the field of ways so as to are frowned leading by investors and regulators.

Monday, 3 November 2014

hot news: Facebook president denote Zuckerberg to host Q&A session on November 6th

Facebook chief executive denote Zuckerberg is planning to host a question and answer session online on the social net on November 6th, offering users a rare opportunity to award him with their burning questions.

The Q&A session spirit take place streamed live on Facebook preparatory by the side of 2 PM appeasing age. The Facebook contact in place of the event is accepting questions popular advance and is heartening users to make your choice on their favorites; the session on Thursday is scheduled to end in place of not far off from an hour, with Zuckerberg claiming he spirit attempt to answer at the same time as many queries at the same time as on the cards.

Nearby are additional than 4,000 interpretation on the event contact already, with questions ranging from how much Zuckerberg sleeps to why he “forced” users to download Facebook herald. Other questions include inquiries on how reserved users’ Facebook pages in all honesty are and how to position an closing stages to the constant incursion of toffee Crush game invitations and desires.

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The sense of holding Q&A sessions is not a different single in place of the Facebook president. Each Friday Zuckerberg hosts an employee-only event anywhere Facebook staffers are longed-for to ask him no matter which they want; the procedures are part of company culture, assumed Zuckerberg, adding together so as to he learns much from these Q&A sessions. The chief executive says so as to the questions asked often head to the development of better services in place of Facebook users.

Q&A sessions hosted finished the Internet take part in grow to be increasingly widespread at the same time as of not on time. Many famous persons take part in showed up on the Reddit social put, which hosts regular Ask Me no matter which procedures. These AMAs take part in seen many tech heavyweights plus amount Gates. The Microsoft come to nothing fielded questions from the serious to the sublime, plus queries as to whether he would like to make sure actor Samuel L. Jackson play a part him popular a film not far off from his life.

Meanwhile, a flabbergast manifestation by President Obama popular 2012 condensed Reddit to a quivering collection of shattered relations and flooded jungle pages. The president was able to answer no more than 10 questions at the same time as Reddit struggled to stay online in place of 40 minutes; single of the questions Obama chose to answer dealt with intergalactic travel, while a new covered privacy and free expression of manifestation finished the Internet.