Friday, 28 January 2011

Microsoft is considering Office stationed in stores Mac Applications

The morning of January 28 morning news, Microsoft executives recently said that Apple Mac is considering whether to apply stores stationed Office.

And the iPhone application store similar to the Apple laptop battery Mac store will also receive a 30% revenue share.

Microsoft executives Amanda Davis Bray (Amanda Lafebvre) said, "We are to study it." However, Microsoft also said that, Mac version of Office has been in the Web, and many other places are sold, including free 30-day version.

Ralph Bray said, "We did not rule out the possibility of presence Mac application store. We just have to see what impact it our business like Asus A42-A6 battery and Asus A32-S6 battery."

Mac applications as Microsoft Office does not store optional, most users choose to access the store to buy Apple laptop battery's iWork suite of software Pages, Keynote and Numbers.

Microsoft has just the Office OneNote office software in the series to introduce iPhone platform, Apple laptop battery's App Store available for free download. Microsoft has not committed to launch iPhone in the other Office components, but said it would continue to be extended to multiple devices in the Office.

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Friday, 21 January 2011

Apple will not fall without Steve Jobs

On Tuesday, Apple released its fourth-quarter earnings still report bright, but on their health status, founder of the news of how much watered down the joy. The history of the past three years Apple will remind us of the ancient Greek story of the magic of the marathon, in the story, the hero so far away, in order to complete the seemingly impossible task exhausted all efforts and eventually reach the destination in the fall In the meet's arms. Apple will also fall in this time it?

For Apple (AAPL) in the past one-quarter's success, we have been very clear, but I was most impressed, however, are three years of three decades east west contrast. For their business success, you can use any words to describe, but there was "doomed" is not appropriate - if the clock back a decade ago, I do not know how many people dare to make bold predictions, said at least Steve Jobs, chief executive of the brain ideas (Steve Jobs) will become the second largest one day business leaders, in addition to Exxon Mobil (XOM) in addition to all the listed companies bowed to the ground beneath their feet.

We consider this: In the mid-1990s, when the world's most innovative, most exciting mobile phone company Nokia (NOK), but since then, they sustained in being a major blow. Nokia mobile communications company under the major Motorola (MSI), was almost buried. The most important is the Intel chip provider (INTC), is now being slowly stifled. The most important personal computer company Dell (DELL), Intel is now the situation and fellow sufferers. Of course, Microsoft (MSFT), their situation a little better, but not much better.

So, how is Apple's miracle happen? We might have to be all attributed to a person, Steve Jobs, he dedicated their Corning, in exchange for the company's success. When we all impaired data eyes peeled one by one, we see a person's vision, taste, technology, ambition and charisma, which is born out of these two fabulous success story, one is already sold to Disney (DIS) Pixar animation factory, the other is Apple A1280 battery itself, and always continue to challenge Wall Street's expectations, challenge conventional thinking.

Of course, they are not born is a miracle. Apple A1185 battery time in about two years on the market which had been the second-rate role in most of the 1990s and first half of the 2000s also have been thwarted at every turn. If you are just starting to invest five years ago, Apple, I'm afraid you would hardly believe that, long before the time, Apple is like a bunch of children among the least gregarious, but the most arrogant that one.

Of course, when artists like the pretty white apple boxes and their software will think long hair fluttering in the Steve Jobs is a charismatic guy. However, as a business, or as a stock, Apple has never won any real respect. Apple A1281 battery rules then they can be sure is to continuously introduce products look promising, but they are always not fast enough to produce enough of such products, it will not be able to design the spark to ignite the earnings growth engine.

Such a stock investors shun, in fact, by 2001, when the development of the situation and even Apple A1185 battery's market value to less than the carrying amount of cash on the extent. I will never forget that in the summer of that year, I and a friend, a marketing genius of Steve Jobs's a conversation between. Lake cycling in Washington, stopped to rest a cup of coffee, he sighed, he did not understand why their company has made in the past those years, so many achievements, Wall Street is still not sure. At that time the fact that Wall Street that Apple is worth dead than alive.

The friend said he believed that Wall Street to see if they are now trying to engage the new plan will change perception. He could not tell me too many details, but he did make a hint - it would be a new MP3 player. I nodded in agreement, but only out of courtesy and friendship, and in the heart, and I also belong to the majority: even if Apple came up with a secret weapon, it will also be manufacturing or supply chain screw up.

Later we all know, that new product is iPod. Now think of it surprised many people think Apple A1281 battery rushed the starting point of the peak U.S. companies, is a small white device, whose function is to play music. At that time, music player, the large number of competitors in the field, but the iPod is indeed different enough to attract the attention of consumers. They are more powerful and more simple operation - and looks very "cool."

Suddenly, Apple's breakthrough in the artist's circle, the perfect taste of their show in front of ordinary consumers. This is the idea of Steve Jobs, and this is the contribution of Steve Jobs. He clearly saw, the design is crucial, if he could manufacture and sale of beauty products, and the latter also features easy to use and reasonable price, then consumers will wear out his threshold. Deals with the music industry is also a genius move, the price of 99 cents per song, and iTunes for the iPod dynasty has laid a solid foundation.

But, the market really learn to appreciate the vision of Steve Jobs, or rather took some time, Apple's stock until 2004 really into the rising channel. The key is, people still have doubts about Apple, although they suspect that the success in the design, but not with the manufacture and sale of match strength. Finally, iPod erase the progress made in all the doubt, so in early 2005, the stock onto the new high in history, and that fact is just the beginning.

iPhone to drive in 2007, the first time, it is almost impossible to respond. Wireless industry experts do not know why you want to intervene Apple mobile phone market, where margins are low and crowded with many competitors. However, the results once again proved visionary Steve Jobs is indeed, beautiful design and marketing to win consumers, and they get production in Asia can also succeeded in getting Wall Street's skeptics shut up. People who suspect that they, cynical, but in the end only fear, this logic again and again who in Apple's products, the latest is the same faced by iPad emotional trajectory.

Now, investors are clearly betting that Apple A1185 battery is one company, led by a talented product development, operations and marketing in all directions. Think we can not say what was wrong, because we see in the most front, after all, a person's shadow Jobs.

However, insiders told us that Cook (Tim Cook) in charge of retail and operations, in fact, has been more than five years of work behind the scenes, while Ewe (Jonathan Ive) is the most respected design talent, despite all honor belongs to Steve Jobs. Some people believe that close to Apple, Steve Jobs is true that is irreplaceable, but he did not actually have to be prepared for their own apples. Everything from the last half decade has already begun, after Jobs was found to have cancer, you have to anticipate what one has to leave that day.

Jobs will be into history, at his side, is to create a General Electric (GE) Edison (Thomas Alva Edison), created the Ford Motor (F) Ford (Henry Ford), created the Rockefeller Standard Oil ( John D. Rockefeller), as well as their own company name (JPM), Morgan (JP Morgan). The success of all these people are after some hard work to come, but they are showing great skill and foresight to find the most suitable for their development direction of the times.

Cheap lighting, cheap cars, cheap gasoline, cheap money, and now the turn of the cheap music, and although not so cheap, but enough beautiful and unique mobile communications and entertainment. Front of those companies are still behind their founders continue to exist and continue to thrive, Apple should be so.

At the same time, we must admit that he is lucky, because we have the opportunity to witness the rise of Steve Jobs, growth, and to witness his life to us how to sow the seeds of magic, of course we hope he can recover quickly. The company's stock, Apple A1185 battery in the past few years has been the best holding objects, and are continuing to provide new opportunities for admission. This quarter we will see that the right to buy time.

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Sunday, 16 January 2011

Google to enter the online video space is intended to fight against Apple

Google recently announced that it will stop in the Chrome browser, in direct support of H.264 video format, and focus on promoting the development of its own WebM format.

Industry on the move Google has a different interpretation, for example, Google just want to promote the development of its own video format, and Google will focus more on Adobe's Flash technology. But some experts believe the move is also a blow to Apple.

Here are specific reasons:

- Since the original habitat to support Chrome WebM, rather than H.264, which means that YouTube will turn WebM all video format, H.264 format and to stop making backups.

- Because Apple is a major supporter of H.264 format, and continue to improve iOS equipment, such as built-in iPhone and iPad in the performance of H.264 video decoder, so Apple laptop battery is unlikely to become a supporter WebM format, or WebM iOS device built in decoder. Especially considering that many companies already support H.264, such as Netflix, Hulu, and MLB and so on.

- The future of some or all of YouTube video equipment may not be able to play iOS because some or all of YouTube will not H.264 encoded video, and iOS device does not support WebM format. This may occur after many years, it may not happen, but for the possibility of such users. YouTube is a huge video site, YouTube video if the device does not support iOS, it would be a serious blow to Apple laptop battery. Chrome Google Android system and the system will be optimized for WebM, which will be marketing as a bright spot in Google.

- If Apple eventually support a way Google's video format, so that the iPhone supports YouTube video, then the final winner will be Google.

- Google announced H.264 support means to give up on the Chrome browser, users need to use Flash to play H.264 video. This has little impact on users, because Flash is very common. However, this move is anti-Apple, because Apple is very strict attitude towards Flash, and Flash performance on Mac computers is not good.

- Full support for Google Flash little strange, because the future development of Flash, and Adobe is no impact on Google. Google may be just to allow users to continue to use Flash, make use of Flash technology, advertising can continue to exist. In addition, Google may be just to fight against Apple laptop battery.

For users, Google's move will not cause significant impact everyday use.

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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Apple has patented 563 2010 up to now

IT news:

January 11, according to foreign media reports, last year, Apple won the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office approved 563 patents to the number of patents granted for more than DuPont, Sanyo, 3M Innovative Properties and Freescale Semiconductor, ranked 46th in the world.

Last year, IBM won the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office approved 5,896 patents, up 20% over the previous year, for 18 consecutive years become the world's largest companies to obtain U.S. patents. Samsung Electronics ranked second, patented 4551, Microsoft has patented 3094, ranked third. Top ten companies including Toshiba, ranked sixth, patented 2246, ranking seventh in the Sony, patented 2150, Intel ranked eighth, patented 1653, HP ranked tenth, patented 1480.

"The Wall Street Journal" reported that the number of patents received last year, Apple is 289 in 2009 received nearly twice the number of patents, much higher than in 2008 received 186 patents. Apple patents granted last year, a number of patents and related multi-touch screen technology, and most patents in 2004 and 2005 applications submitted.

U.S. patents last year, 21.9614 million items were approved, representing an increase of 31%.

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Monday, 3 January 2011

Philips 42PFL3605 LCD TV short review

Among the many new products in the market, Philips 42PFL3605 LCD TV absolutely be considered representative of the Almighty, in addition to adding full-screen high-definition hard-IPS display to improve picture quality, but also by the addition of streaming media playback capabilities to meet the needs of the user's daily use, Philips 42PFL3605 LCD TV now 4,799 yuan lower sales like Laptop battery, like friends do not miss the opportunity.

In terms of performance, Philips 42PFL3605 Full HD LCD TV with IPS hard screen LCD TV in general compared to LCD TVs have this technology in addition to the color on the screen a certain sense of stability and level of the control, but also can effectively improve the dynamic picture of the smear, while the addition of streaming media playback capabilities can help users achieve a variety of video playback needs.

In appearance, the Philips 42PFL3605 LCD TV and not too many outstanding highlights, black body color with a square base, highlights the Philips 42PFL3605 LCD TV's mature and stable, but the fly in the ointment is that the base can not rotate, so that Philips 42PFL3605 LCD TV lacks some flexibility.

In the interface area, Philips 42PFL3605 LCD TV has a mainstream application interface, such as HDMI interfaces, AV interfaces, VGA interface, common interface, such as distribution, while Philips 42PFL3605 LCD TV has also joined the USB interface for the user's daily use and upgrade the firmware itself. Also consider the placement of the family, Philips 42PFL3605 LCD TV side of the fuselage also added a set of interface settings, user-friendly to use.

Philips 42PFL3605 LCD TV

Full HD TV product positioning

42-inch screen size

Screen ratio 16:9

Resolution of 1920 × 1080

Backlight CCFL cold cathode fluorescent lamp types

Best viewing distance of 3.0 m

Image Properties Picture enhancement: 3/2-2/2 motion pull down, 3D comb filter, smart Li as, color enhancement, Digital Crystal Clear, Digital Noise Reduction, Dynamic contrast enhancement, sharpness adjustment, 2D/3D Noise Reduction, 1080p 24/25/30 Hz processing, 1080p 50/60 Hz processing

Screen enhancement: Semi-glare

Support format 1080p (Full HD)

Horizontal viewing angle of 178 degrees

Vertical viewing angle of 178 degrees

Receiving System PAL I, PAL B / G, PAL D / K

Output power of 2 × 8W

Audio Performance Sound Enhancement: Auto Volume Leveller, Incredible Surround, Smart Sound, Treble and Bass Control

Sound System: Mono, Nicam Stereo, Stereo

Subtitle Language Chinese / English menu optional

TV Remote Control

Input Terminals AV 1: Audio L / R inputs, YPbPr

AV 2: Audio L / R inputs, YPbPr

HDMI 1: HDMI v1.3

HDMI 2: HDMI v1.3

Front / Side connections: S-video input, CVBS input, Audio L / R input, USB 2.0

Constant output audio output terminal, computer audio input, VGA computer interface, computer input VGA Audio L / R input

220-240 volt power performance; 50 Hz

Power consumption 130W

1W standby power consumption

Dimensions 1018.5 × 635.7 × 83mm

Weight 14.8kg

Accessories Power cord, Quick start guide, user manual, warranty certificate, remote control, 2 AAA batteries

Other features Child Protection: Child Lock Parental Control

Clock: Sleep Timer, Timer-Power

Connection Enhancement: Easy link

Easy installation: automatic storage, fine-tuning, PLL digital tuning, Plug & Play

Ease of Use: Auto Volume Leveller, screen display, Side Control, Smart Picture, Smart Sound, EasyLink

EasyLink (HDMI-CEC): One touch play, System info (menu language), EasyLink, System audio control, System standby

Other features of Screen Format Adjustments: 4:3, automatically adjust the format, Super zoom, computer expand 14:9, computers expand 16:9, Subtitle Zoom, Widescreen

Firmware upgradeable: Firmware upgrade via USB

Multimedia connections: USB

Like HP Pavilion dv6000 battery HP Pavilion DV1000 battery HP Pavilion dv9000 battery

Edit Comment: Although the CCFL backlight with LED backlight technology, a certain gap, but for the average family to receive television signals and will not be any impact. Also of concern is the Philips 42PFL3605 LCD TV Full HD IPS also added a hard screen, the enhancement of the screen played a good effect, at a time when store sales, so like a friend to consider this.

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