Sunday, 16 January 2011

Google to enter the online video space is intended to fight against Apple

Google recently announced that it will stop in the Chrome browser, in direct support of H.264 video format, and focus on promoting the development of its own WebM format.

Industry on the move Google has a different interpretation, for example, Google just want to promote the development of its own video format, and Google will focus more on Adobe's Flash technology. But some experts believe the move is also a blow to Apple.

Here are specific reasons:

- Since the original habitat to support Chrome WebM, rather than H.264, which means that YouTube will turn WebM all video format, H.264 format and to stop making backups.

- Because Apple is a major supporter of H.264 format, and continue to improve iOS equipment, such as built-in iPhone and iPad in the performance of H.264 video decoder, so Apple laptop battery is unlikely to become a supporter WebM format, or WebM iOS device built in decoder. Especially considering that many companies already support H.264, such as Netflix, Hulu, and MLB and so on.

- The future of some or all of YouTube video equipment may not be able to play iOS because some or all of YouTube will not H.264 encoded video, and iOS device does not support WebM format. This may occur after many years, it may not happen, but for the possibility of such users. YouTube is a huge video site, YouTube video if the device does not support iOS, it would be a serious blow to Apple laptop battery. Chrome Google Android system and the system will be optimized for WebM, which will be marketing as a bright spot in Google.

- If Apple eventually support a way Google's video format, so that the iPhone supports YouTube video, then the final winner will be Google.

- Google announced H.264 support means to give up on the Chrome browser, users need to use Flash to play H.264 video. This has little impact on users, because Flash is very common. However, this move is anti-Apple, because Apple is very strict attitude towards Flash, and Flash performance on Mac computers is not good.

- Full support for Google Flash little strange, because the future development of Flash, and Adobe is no impact on Google. Google may be just to allow users to continue to use Flash, make use of Flash technology, advertising can continue to exist. In addition, Google may be just to fight against Apple laptop battery.

For users, Google's move will not cause significant impact everyday use.

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