Friday, 18 April 2014

Internet news: Sony sells seven million PS4s, but what did you say? On the order of Microsoft?

What did you say? A difference a console generation makes, huh? Six months into the launch of the PS3, Sony had barely blank 3.5 million units, and in the present day, take away than five months in imitation of the PS4’s worldwide launch, the hardware manufacturer has announced worldwide sales of finished seven million PlayStation 4 systems. That’s an impressive come to, particularly set all the Debbie Downers with the purpose of say consoles are dying, but it does give somebody no option but to Microsoft’s family member silence on hardware sales feel rowdy by comparison. Why aren’t we earshot analogous stats on the order of the Xbox solitary?

Let’s explore the the majority obvious supposition first--Microsoft doesn’t include some benefit news to share. If the company had sold even 7,000,001 Xbox Ones by this end, you can wage there’d be there a press issue on the order of it. As an alternative, Microsoft hasn’t had much to say on the order of Xbox solitary sales since announcing taking part in January with the purpose of the company had sold 3.9 million next-gen consoles, a tote up with the purpose of was already trailing behind the PS4 next to the instance.

The lack of an legitimate bring up to date from Microsoft feels even stranger set with the purpose of advance adage the launch of Titanfall, the Xbox One’s barely main exclusive designed for the foremost partially of the day. The game had a gigantic advertising financial plan behind it and was reviewed well, but there’s a conspicuous absence of the usual glowing PR announcements with the purpose of be a devotee of games of its size. I predictable to grasp press releases axiom “Titanfall boosted Xbox solitary sales such-and-such percent,” before “Titanfall is the fastest-selling contemporary IP since blah-blah,” but I haven’t seen something of the sort. Again, my mind sincerely jumps to the conclusion with the purpose of the lack of benefit news process Microsoft is keeping the bad news to itself.

However, the timing of this news might be there something superior than the current console wars. The PS4 in opposition to. Xbox solitary battle is righteous part of two giant corporations with the purpose of are untaken through massive restructuring, Sony new so than Microsoft. Sony recently made a quantity of drastic changes, plus advertising sour its PC selling along with its offices taking part in Tokyo and contemporary York City to try to pillar a profit designed for the fiscal day. The company even sold sour its keep taking part in balance Enix in imitation of Sony had been a main shareholder designed for finished a decade. These are moves made by a company taking part in need of first city and encouraging ring.

This message of sharp sales designed for the PS4 might include take away to make with Sony posturing towards Microsoft and new on the order of Sony frustrating to impress its investors. PlayStation 4’s victory is a quantity of of the unsurpassed news with the purpose of Sony has had taking part in years, so why not shout it to the Heavens. And if it embarrasses the silent competition next to the same instance, all the better.

Whatever Sony’s reasoning, the sphere is taking part in Microsoft’s invite without hesitation. If the Seattle-based manufacturer was holding back humbling sales news on the order of Titanfall until without hesitation, the company needs to start shouting on the order of it without hesitation. And if the homeland of Windows is opening to trail behind Sony by a thick margin, it’d be there better designed for MS to righteous be there truthful on the order of the state of affairs and hug its underdog status. Microsoft has been digging itself elsewhere of a perforation since the Xbox solitary was announced, and I think it’ll cause elsewhere sooner if it isn’t working rigorously to elephant hide underwhelming sales.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

HP inform: 80 percent of app vulnerabilities are really your fault

Let's be located release: Near is rebuff such gadget to the same degree an invulnerable relevance. More or less hold additional fault-finding vulnerabilities than others to the same degree we bare this week with the Heartbleed bug, but some relevance can be located exploited known a out-and-out assailant. According to the HP 2013 Cyber danger inform, though, the relevance itself is not to blame Laptop battery representing the largest part vulnerabilities—you are.

HP compiled data from 2,200 applications scanned by HP make stronger on Demand and reports with the aim of 80 percent of the vulnerabilities bare were not the fault of the relevance code itself.

“Many vulnerabilities were linked to member of staff serving at table misconfiguration, incorrect heading settings, sample content, outdated software versions, and other items linked to insecure consumption,” the inform states.

Permit me go over with the aim of representing importance: 80 percent of the vulnerabilities HP identified Laptop battery were more or less a consequence of operator miscalculation.

HP in addition investigated 180 iOS and machine apps with make stronger on Demand and found with the aim of not quite partly leave data and individual in a row by danger. The iOS and machine platforms hold the encryption capabilities, but if app developers don’t integrate them into the apps by the book, the encryption can’t watch over the data on the device.

I hold made the same summit in the sphere of the ancient times regarding security and privacy on social networks like Facebook. Near is a no perception of privacy on social networks, but the truth is with the aim of Facebook, Google, Twitter, and others provide ample security controls and position the power in the sphere of the users’ hands, but the largest part users by no means take the epoch to study and configure the privacy settings with the aim of are obtainable.

This inform is in addition a changed way of illustrating with the aim of the user is the weakest link in the sphere of the security chain—even as with the aim of user is the IT admin guilty representing configuring the servers. Rebuff theme how secure an operating routine or else relevance is, it can be located undermined by a user Laptop battery setting it up incorrectly and leaving it exposed to danger.

Near is additional than with the aim of to the HP 2013 Cyber danger inform, though. HP has more or less profit news with the aim of seems to put it to somebody with the aim of secure development practices are having an collision. Despite increased attention on vulnerability seek, the utter amount of publicly disclosed vulnerabilities in the sphere of 2013 was downright compared to 2012, and near was a decline in the sphere of the amount of excessive severity vulnerabilities representing the fourth consecutive time.

HP points banned with the aim of the attack outside obtainable representing compromise is broader. Concerning BYOD, the movable revolution, and the Internet of Things, attackers hold a Laptop battery fortune additional options obtainable than simply targeting a member of staff serving at table or else desktop PC. According to the inform, addressing the announce of malicious apps on movable policy is a challenge for the reason that near isn’t an agreed in the lead definition of what did you say? Qualifies to the same degree movable malware.               

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Apple: Samsung made 'false statements' in opening argument

In the sphere of a risk authenticate, Apple asks the moderator in the sphere of a California patent suit to assent to it at hand previously banned testimony and evidence. Samsung says the indicate ought to be present denied.

In the sphere of a California patent suit, Apple filed a indicate deceased Thursday asking the risk to assent to it at hand previously banned evidence and testimony. By the side of distribution is whether Apple itself uses the patents it has accused Samsung of repetition. Samsung's attorneys, in their opening arguments Tuesday, thought Apple doesn't purpose them. But Apple says it does, and with the aim of it ought to be present able to prove this to the jury.

Apple argues with the aim of Samsung "made harmful and false statements in opening statements with the aim of cover unfairly prejudiced Apple," so it needs to be present able to chatter on the subject of how it uses the patents it says Samsung infringes.

"During opening statements, Samsung's counsel repeatedly made irrelevant, misleading, and even untrue statements with the aim of cover undoubtedly caused the jury to form impressions with the aim of are highly harmful to Apple," the company's attorneys thought in the sphere of the risk indicate.

Along with being able to at hand evidence with the aim of it uses its patents, Apple wants the risk to "recognize Apple's continuing opposition to some expand misleading or else false statements by Samsung." The company besides has asked the risk to distribution commands, just now and by the side of the phase the jury receives its final commands, with the aim of would "curtail the injury and prejudice caused by Samsung's wrong statements to the jury."

So what did you say? Did Samsung say with the aim of was so bad? The company's attorneys argued Tuesday with the aim of Apple has accused Samsung of infringing patents with the aim of the Cupertino, Calif., company doesn't even think are notable adequate to purpose in the sphere of its policy.

"Apple wants you believe these claims are worth in excess of $2 billion even though they're not valuable adequate in support of Apple to purpose," Samsung attorney John Quinn thought in his opening arguments. "Apple laptop battery is seeking massive indemnity on conjured lost sales for the reason that of very slight skin texture you'll discover didn't cover an collision on sales by the side of all."

Almost two years afterward Apple and Samsung faced inedible in the sphere of a messy patent dispute, the smartphone and tablet rivals cover returned to the same San Jose, Calif., courtroom to argue in the past again in excess of patents in the past federal moderator Lucy Koh. Apple is in opposition with the aim of Samsung infringed on five of its patents in support of the iPhone, its biggest moneymaker, and with the aim of Apple is due $2 billion in support of with the aim of infringement. Samsung wants on the subject of $7 million from Apple in support of infringing two of its software patents.

While the companies are asking in support of indemnity, the suit is on the subject of new than money. What's really by the side of stake is the marketplace in support of cell policy. Apple at present gets two-thirds of it sales from the iPhone and iPad, South Korea-based Samsung is the world's chief maker of smartphones, and both hunger to keep dominating the marketplace. So far, Apple is to the lead whilst it comes to court case in the sphere of the US. Samsung has been well thought-out to give the company on the subject of $930 million in the sphere of indemnity.

Samsung thought in the sphere of its response Thursday with the aim of the risk ought to deny Apple laptop battery's indicate. It says Apple laptop battery waived some opposition to its attorneys' annotations by failing to say no matter which in Samsung's opening arguments. Samsung besides thought Apple "has twice calculatingly chosen to let fall its claims" to convinced parts of the patents, more readily than matter them to the court's guidelines to narrow them and Samsung's challenges on the subject of their validity.

"Apple's indicate grossly misrepresents stipulated particulars in the sphere of an attempt to paint Samsung's opening argument such as misleading, and in the sphere of hopes of obtaining relief with the aim of the risk has denied phase and again," Samsung thought in the sphere of its response.

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