Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Skype chief development officer to resign

August 19, according to foreign media reports, Internet phone company Skype spokeswoman said Wednesday that the company's chief development officer Mande Hu Yalajiada (Madhu Yarlagadda) for "personal reasons" and left the company.

Yajialada former Yahoo executives had, in early July to join Skype. Yajialade in Yahoo as the company's engineering department during the vice president, responsible for Yahoo's home page and other products worldwide engineering operations.

Yajialada This time departure coincided with Skype plans in the U.S. stock market IPO occasion. Skype last week, according to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to submit to a materials display, Skype for the time being plans to IPO financing 100 million U.S. dollars.

So far, the Skype number of shares to be issued, and the stock price, remained unknown. Skype plans to Nasdaq, the stock code is currently unpublished.

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Adobe platform released Photoshop free for the iPad and Android

Photoshop News:

Adobe Mobile is the iPhone prior to release of a free mobile phone application downloads has exceeded 10 million times. Adobe recently announced that due to this application so popular, so developers decided to extend it to iPad platform.

A few days ago, Photoshop Express release, support for iPhone and iPad, which is before the Mobile. In addition to improved stability and performance, Photoshop Express also platform for iPad added the following functions:

- Support horizontal screen and portrait photographs;

- Re-designed the line, edit and upload workflow;

- In a sequential workflow capabilities with multiple photos;

- Re-designed management view, simplify the album sharing;

- Upgrade the program icon and appearance, find, and easier to use editor;

- While social networking site Facebook to and upload pictures.

The latest version of Photoshop Express 1.3, size 6.5MB, completely free of charge. Addition to supporting the iPhone and iPad addition, Photoshop Express also applies to the Android platform, users can go to the Apple store online or download the Android.

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Friday, 13 August 2010

NVIDIA second-quarter loss of 141 million U.S. dollars


August 13 message, NVIDIA announced second quarter 2010 performance report, closing on August 1 and ending on the second quarter, the company revenues of 811.2 million U.S. dollars, the chain fell 19%, up 4.5% over the same period last year, Camp income was 776.5 million U.S. dollars.

If the accounting standards by public dollars, NVIDIA second-quarter net loss of 141 million U.S. dollars, the average loss per share of 0.25 U.S. dollars. First quarter net profit of 137.6 million U.S. dollars for the average of 0.23 U.S. dollars per share; a year earlier and a net loss of 105.3 million U.S. dollars, an average of 0.19 U.S. dollars per share. Criteria in public accounting, NVIDIA second-quarter gross margin was 16.6%, the first quarter was 45.6%, 20.2% over the same period a year ago.

If the accounting standards used by non-public dollars, second quarter net profit to 20.1 million U.S. dollars, diluted earnings per share were 0.03 U.S. dollars.

NVIDIA that the results were a large number of stocks and die / packaging materials impact.

For the third quarter, NVIDIA is expected to grow 3-5% sequential revenue. In public accounting, the gross margin is expected to 46.5-47.5%, respectively. Operating costs of about 300 million U.S. dollars, the rate is 17-19%.All right reserved!

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Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Google updates Android interface

Jha co-CEO of Motorola has announced that the company will no longer be MOTOBLUR development and brand promotion. The so-called MOTOBLUR, referring to Motorola's Google Android system in the self-developed user interface, and the present system of production Android handset manufacturers, large have similar self-developed interfaces to allow consumers to feel the difference between the brand under the same system.

It is said that due to Google's system in the next version of Android3.0 deliberately to a certain limit, reducing interface development interface. Motorola had led to "give up" MOTOBLUR.

Android 3.0 Limitations lot

"We have asked head office related matters." South of Motorola China, the people are told reporters that U.S. companies have not yet received notification of cessation of development MOTOBLUR, but it certainly is carrying MOTOBLUR models will still continue to produce using the Dell xps m1330 battery interface.

This seems inconsistent with current models manufacturers Android strategy. If you abandon MOTOBLUR, consumers see the Motorola Android phone will be dressed in "MOTO" coat of Google smart phone only. Therefore view, Motorola had to do, because the upcoming Android 3.0 system, will no longer be allowed to implant their own mobile phone brand the user interface too much.

Google did not respond positively to this news, but revealed some of the Android 3.0 version information, has much to "end" the current Android phone interface "Hundred Flowers" situation was intended.

It is understood that in October this year launched Android 3.0 minimum operating system is configured to 1GHz CPU, 512MB RAM, can well support the 4-inch and above screen, the support for resolutions up to 1280 × 760. More importantly, the system will reduce the interface development interface, to change into a unified user interface.

The action affected more than just a business of Motorola. The same system using Android, HTC interface called Sense, called Samsung TouchWiz, Sony Ericsson, there are two, are called Timescape and Mediascape, while the domestic brand association called "Le PhoneUI".

Back interface control

"Self-developed user interface, on the one hand to highlight the characteristics of their products, on the other hand facilitate the implantation of partner products, such as stocks, news, advertising." Internal head south, a video Web site have disclosed to the media as carriers custom software business, like embedded.

Thus, the terminal brand keen to develop their own user interface will be forgiven. Who controls the user interface, who will take the initiative to push control of the mobile phone window. With the rapid expansion of third party applications camps, mobile phone sales doubled, the open source Android "Money King" gradually become clear, Google seems to want to recover the control the Dell xps m1730 battery.

"Whether or Windows system, Android system, users use the HTC phone, see all HTC sense." HTC chief marketing officer told the South have told reporters that broke out, sense the interface stresses people-oriented, is HTC's fortune. In fact, Motorola is just like that Dell xps m1530 battery. It is learned, and the sense treated as HTC, Motorola has MOTOBLUR interface development has put a lot of cost, which makes today's "give up", looks more like the "abandoned."

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Sunday, 8 August 2010

Barron: U.S. tech stocks is cheap but short-term it will not surge

August 9, "Barron" Sun reported that in the foreseeable future, despite the agreement that the market shares of large technology companies, "very cheap", but their share prices will remain stagnant.

In the past few years, a number of "big technology" relatively poor stock returns, which makes many investors confused stop. The so-called big technology stocks, is that similar to Microsoft, Intel, Oracle, IBM Laptop batteries and HP Laptop batteries shares like.

Investors may have investment from these companies to profit, while some other technology companies have not made any impressive come on the market. Similarly, investors are not willing to buy those good, but the mature and moderate growth in the business.

"Barron," that despite the risk to hold the current price has been greatly reduced, but cheap technology stocks will continue for a long period of time.

As HP CEO Hurd involved in the scandal, and its stock price has plunged 10 percent Friday. "Barron" HP's stock price today will still be expected to decline, but that Hart's operations in progress for a long time to promote the HP Laptop batteries until it find a new successor.

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Saturday, 7 August 2010

Windows 7 turns on AHCI to enhance hard disk performance system

Windows 7 tips

Today's computer systems, hard disk performance has become the biggest bottleneck affecting machine performance. In the high demand for components Windows7 system to optimize the hard disk will naturally become the object of opening the hard drive through AHCI mode, you can upgrade to some extent the performance of the hard disk.

According to information website Win7 news reported recently, Windows 7 in the performance of energy conservation concern by many people in the industry. Mindteck is engaged in embedded software development and consulting Dell Latitude E6500 battery services. The company recently released study shows that using the Windows 7 operating system than the old XP PC to save a large amount of energy costs, an average of 25% energy saving than the XP loss, equivalent to 30-55 per PC laptop battery per year can save dollars.

Thus see, Windows 7 compatible hardware than previous versions to upgrade the performance of many. Well, here is how we provide some Windows 7 system environment to further enhance the power endurance capacity of the reference suggestions:

Today's computer systems, hard disk performance has become the biggest bottleneck affecting machine performance. In the high demand for components Windows7 system to optimize the hard disk will naturally become the object of opening the hard drive through AHCI mode, you can upgrade to some extent the performance of the laptop battery hard disk.

Under normal circumstances, the hard drive in the BIOS by default for the native IDE mode in order to get the best compatibility. If this mode is installed Windows7, then change the hard drive in BIOS to AHCI mode, you can not access system, need to re-install system Caixing. Is there a way without reinstalling the system, open the hard disk on AHCI mode? Of course!

Tips: What is the hard disk AHCI mode?

Serial ATA AHCI is the acronym for senior master interface, which is dominated by Intel, a Dell Latitude E6500 battery technology that allows the storage driver to enable advanced SATA features such as Native Command Queuing (NCQ) and hot plug. Open AHCI SATA hard drive to play after the performance potential, in theory, increase about 30% of the hard disk read and write speed.

STEP1: After clicking the start menu, select the menu "Run" section. In the run part of the input box, type "regedit", press Enter to open the Registry Editor.

STEP2: Open the Registry Editor, the entry "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ System \ CurrentControl \ SetServicesMsahci" key. In the right window, double-click the name for the "Start" project, will pop up a dialog box to change the default parameters from 3 to 0. Click "OK" and save, restart the computer.

STEP3: Restart computer, enter BIOS, in "Integrated Peripherals" page, to "SATA RAID / AHCI Mode" changed to "AHCI" (names have different nuances of BIOS options).

Save the restart, after entering the system will automatically install the AHCI driver. After installation will be asked to reboot again, restart, hard disk AHCI mode opens.

Written in the last: hard drive change to AHCI mode, the system starts the velocity changes little. However, when making copies of large files, the speed from the original 60MB / S upgrade to 71MB / S, about 20% performance increase the laptop battery. Hard disk in the system score in Windwos7, also from the start of the 5.9 upgrade to 6.5 points. So hard to open AHCI, the effect is good.

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Oracle may be compensation for the U.S. government one billion U.S. dollars

August 6, according to foreign media reports, legal experts pointed out that Oracle in expensive U.S. Department of Justice to prosecute the action to the Government to sell the product in the amount of compensation may be as high as 10 billion dollars.

Ministry of Justice in the July 29 submission to the Federal Court said, through commitment to provide business customers the same discounts, Oracle from 1998 to 2006, the U.S. General Services Administration (hereinafter referred to as "GSA") sold 1.08 billion U.S. dollars software. But the reality is that Oracle discounts to business customers up to 92% discount for governmental agencies are usually 25% to 40%.

Law firm Morgan Verkamp LLC Frederick Morgan (Frederick M. Morgan), said in an interview, "I think Oracle need to compensate the Government one billion U.S. dollars."

Oracle former employees involved in the Ministry of Justice Paul Paul Frascella under the "false statement law" lawsuit filed. "False statement law," allows citizens to sue on behalf of the Government, and obtain compensation for the defendant. After the win, the U.S. government can get the equivalent of three times the amount of damages.

Taxpayers against fraud (Taxpayers Against Fraud) Organization spokesman Patrick Burns (Patrick Burns), said compensation case will easily more than one billion U.S. dollars, "Oracle overcharged the government 35% or more of the money" .

Oracle's net profit last fiscal year was 61.4 million, revenue of 26.8 billion U.S. dollars.

Morgan said that under the contract amount, and the Justice Department claimed that Oracle received a 50% to more than 60% of the money, the government 3 times economic loss will reach 1 billion U.S. dollars.

Law firm Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson LLP attorney John T. Boese that the plaintiff and defendant parties may shake hands, because there is government involvement, according to "false statement law" brought 98% of the proceedings, the plaintiff and defendant both sides reached a settlement.

Under the contract, Oracle promised to provide reservation to the government discount, exchange, Oracle need not participate in government procurement for each bid. Ministry of Justice claims that before signing the contract, Oracle did not accurately disclose to the GSA discount information, not disclosed to commercial customers discounts for complete information.

Last year, the data storage equipment maker NetApp to 128 million U.S. dollars of reconciliation together with the GSA contract-related litigation, informers Igor Kapuscinski received 19.2 million U.S. dollars. Oracle in 2006 to 98.5 million U.S. dollars, together with the reconciliation of the PeopleSoft GSA contract-related litigation.All right reserved!


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Apple iOS operating system has serious security problems alleged

August 5 am news, according to foreign media reports, the German Federal Information Security Agency (the "Security Service") Wednesday issued a formal warning, there are several versions of the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch serious potential security issues.

Security Service said in a statement today, Apple laptop battery's iOS operating system exists "two key weaknesses, there are no patches to fix these vulnerabilities." The statement pointed out, when the user opens the tampering of the site or PDF files, the criminals will be able to snoop on user passwords, photos, text messages, e-mail, and even conversations can be tapped users.

Security Council noted that this would "allow a potential attacker access to the entire system, and even obtain administrator privileges" and therefore the Council strongly recommends users not to open their PDF documents on mobile devices, use only trusted sites, until Apple laptop battery released software updated. Apple spokesman in Germany Buleiqiete (Georg Albrecht) said the company is investigating the incident, but declined to give further details.

Security Service said, although so far not found any attacks, but it may soon it will now happen, "Women need to anticipate hackers to exploit these vulnerabilities to Henkuai Fadonggongji". Board that, given the popularity of these devices Apple laptop battery degree even the business community are likely to attack, because of its industrial espionage may be more easily.

Security Bureau spokesman Bocz (Katrin Alberts) said Monday there have been reports in the Apple laptop battery operating system has been successfully break iOS after it became clear this up security vulnerabilities. TDC said it is to get in touch with Apple on the matter.

Security Agency, said the security alert with the use of iOS 3.1.2-4.0.1 version of iPhone, use iOS 3.2-3.2.1 versions of iPad, and the use of iOS 3.1.2-4.0 version of iPods Touch related. Board also noted that an earlier version of the iOS or iPhone OS may also be affected, but so far not clear whether these versions of the operating system, there are problems.

Aerboci that these mobile device users not only can not open PDF files received via e-mail, but also through the search engine can not open the PDF files found because it may be infected. She pointed out that in the worst case, the hacker could obtain the user's password, bank account and other personal data; In addition, the user's contact list may also be hackers for sending spam.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Fortune: RIM BlackBerry restore rivers and lakes would use the new version

August 3, "Fortune" article points out that the smartphone market is shifting in favor of Apple and Google's direction, but the BlackBerry maker RIM hope that it will have a chance to reverse the situation.

RIM is widely expected to launch in Tuesday with a slide-out keyboard, touch screen smart phones. That product is likely to BlackBerry models Slider 9800, in the past few weeks, a large number of Slider 9800 pictures have been leaked on the Internet.

It may also release new version of RIM smart phone operating system, BlackBerry OS6, it will provide a network for the BlackBerry browser, and similar to the iPhone and Android mobile phone page.

On the surface, RIM does not seem to need a new laptop batteries product and operating system, BlackBerry is still in the smartphone market leader, according to comScore, said the BlackBerry smart phone users account for 41.7% of total number of users. The second largest share of almost 2 times Apple iPhone is based on Microsoft and Google's smart phone operating system, the total share of smart phones 3 times.

However, in recent quarters Blackberry stopped growing. Apple and Google's products easy to use, third-party application support, touch screen technology and web browsing function, and so are more than a BlackBerry. iPhone and Android phones cooler than the BlackBerry.

In addition, the new iPhone and Android phones have introduced new Microsoft Exchange Server e-mail and calendar functionality.

Thus, RIM to keep pace with competitors to jump in the pace.

IDC application development software project manager Al Hilwa that, RIM's sales performance is not bad, but those results still room for Acer UM09B7D battery improvement. From the perspective of growth, RIM's performance is not satisfactory to the. It is now the greatest difficulty is the increasingly fierce market competition, keep pace with the development environment. RIM to be shifting their focus to the consumer market.

Some analysts suspect that RIM's ability to adapt to changes the Acer UM09B7C battery. BlackBerry e-mail sending and receiving the most prominent features, but to some extent, this is a weak BlackBerry. Because in addition to e-mail features, consumers do not know what a BlackBerry can be used.

iSuppli analyst Jagdish Rebello, chief communications system, said from a creative perspective, RIM is the poor performance of a company. Its background and Apple and Google different, RIM's strength in the corporate market is indeed very powerful, but it is difficult to obtain in the consumer market, a similar result.

RIM has more than half of business users are not active on the reform of the Acer UM09B7C battery enterprise. This is good news for RIM. Many in the industry are aware, enterprise IT departments to accept the new technology, the speed is notoriously slow. Although some companies have started using iPhone and Android phones, but BlackBerry is still the largest business smart phone market, the brand, which provided for RIM to make the necessary changes to remain competitive in the room.

Development of an iPhone and Android can be matched with the product may not be as difficult as before. In order to enter the consumer market, RIM has taken over the past few years, many important initiatives, including the introduction of low-cost models such as the Pearl and Curve. Input operation for many frequent Acer UM09B7D battery users, the new BlackBerry with keyboard and BlackBerry messaging service as important.

RIM needs to solve some big problems, but it is not a small share of the consumer market. It's smart phone business history than Apple and Google's smart phone business history should be longer. Some people think that if RIM has introduced a competitive new products, then consumers will definitely swarm back to the embrace of RIM.

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